SERPWoo Affiliate Program

SEO Tool Affiliate Program

Our SEO Tool affiliate program offers an additional way to spread the word about our services and give a commission to promoters.

Our program is free to join and easy to sign up! As our affiliates, you will generate traffic and sales for SERPWoo and receive attractive MONTHLY commissions in return.

How Does It Work?

When you join our affiliate program you will be supplied text links to place wherever you like on your websites. When a user clicks on one of your links, they will be brought to our website and their activities will be tracked by our affiliate program. Once this user signs up for a subscription, you earn MONTHLY commissions!

Program Details

  • 20% Lifetime Commission [1]
  • Monthly On-Time Payments
  • Low $100 Threshold [2]
  • Easy PayPal Payout
  • 30 Day Affiliate Cookies [3]
  • Real-Time Reporting (Complete Transparency)
  • Stylish URLs
SEO Tool Affiliate - Portal Overview

[1] Affiliats cannot sign themselves up, affiliate account will be immediately terminated if this is discovered, read the Terms & Conditions, Section 5.
[2] Affiliate accounts require a minimum of 2 paid users to be eligible for distribution.
[3] When a user upgrades to a paid plan within 90 days of getting their free account you will get commission from them for the life of the paid account.

View Current Sales, & Commissions Easily

SEO Tool Commissions

Real-Time Affiliate Visitor Sessions

SEO Tool Affiliate Program Real-Time Visitor Sessions
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