We've got some quick updates on the State of The Woo in the next coming weeks, months, and roadmap for the future, that involves you. We want to be clear and transparent about what we are working on, so you know what to look forward too and what to expect going forward - and if you have any comments feel free to let us know, we're here to create an amazing customer experience for you!

1. Notifications system is going online fully today at 5pm EST. We've already started populating the notifications as some of you have seen, but now email alerts will begin. The new notification system will RE-SET ALL users notification setting after it goes online, so some of you may have to re-disable them if you did disable them on accident. (This is a one-time correction)

We'll be implementing rapid changes to the notification system, so don't be surprised if it looks different day by day - the reason is we'll be adjusting them for the A.I. Bots that detects new satellite/parasite/barnacle sites, the ORM detecting bot that detects when a domain/url which you have tagged negative, positive, or other - increases, drops, or shows back up, and other Bots which will be coming online.

I will say this, things are about to get a ton more interesting with the way we plan on showcasing what's going on within your SERPs, so stay tuned.

2. 3rd Party Metrics - Backend and front end are being overhauled over the next 2 weeks, it's important since we are detecting more and more TLDs, and adding more and more countries. We've found some bugs within certain URLs which were preventing social signals and others from being updated properly, so we are overhauling the whole backend for that, don't fright, the improvements are going to be spectacular.

3. India and Turkey Launched - You can now add keywords for India and Turkey! We'll be continuing to work with data, ISPs, and IP providers in new additional countries so we continue having the most accurate data for current and new countries as well.

4. Minor Interface Polishing - This includes updates to "My Domains" and "My Keywords" panels, as well as throughout the main interface, this will be on-going for the next 2 weeks.

5. State of The Woo - This email will act as our first "State Of the Woo" but all follow up 'States of the Woo' will be monthly and posted within our forum which you can easily access from within the main SERPWoo interface. We will be displaying what we are working in the coming days, weeks, and months within each State of The Woo, so you know exactly what's going on and what improvements, features (unless they are top secret), are coming to SERPWoo and anything that's important to Woo Nation as a whole.

6. Notes - Write notes within each keyword interface or project. Going online soon, the interface is critical, since we don't want to clump it up with too much data, yet it needs to be flexible enough to cover critical datasets. Coming online within 2 weeks - our #2 priority with #1 being notifications.

7. Quick Add - Want to add new keywords, domains, or projects from any screen without leaving your current? Yeah that's coming online. Our goal is to continue making the SERPWoo interface easier and faster for you to use at every turn - so if you have any additional suggestions we are definitely open to them, as you've seen from our past implementations.

8. Affiliate Program - Our Affiliate program is live for paid members. Just make sure to fill out all the information - if you do not your application will not get looked at. We've got a serious vetting process, so if you are looking to make some money while helping spread the word of SERPWoo, get in now. A SW affiliate team member will contact you to go over your application once it's been fully complete - just be a little patient, since we might experience a flood and will get to everyone in the order of their application being filled out. (Once approved, there is a separate affiliate newsletter and resource area which you will be able to communicate within.)

9. Ask SERPWoo Anything Webinar - eliquid and CCarter will be hosting the first SERPWoo webinar where you'll be able to ask the SERPWoo founders anything about SEO, ORM, and how to utilize SERPWoo for your maximium advantage. With that said, we've got a quick survey for you to help us out field questions, and get to root problems you want SERPWoo to answer; it is not limited to just SERPWoo, we are going to be talking about SEO, ORM, reverse engineering, taking over local niches, international SEO, and whatever other questions you may have. If not enough time is allocated, we'll push some questions to the next webinar, and schedule things accordingly.

(Link is available within email version)

We will be sending an email in the future as well for more customized questions for the SERPWoo Webinar, so look forward to that.


To The Top of The SERPs, Carter and eLiquid