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*** Update 11-11-2014 ***

This SERP invasion is making some ORM charts look like a ghost town: Review - SERPWoo Review - Update 11-11-2014
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An updated version with the "All Within The View Range" filter set: Review - SERPWoo Review - Update 11-11-2014 #2
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(notice lefthand menu we are experimenting with detecting domains for ORM purposes, have some really exciting things coming that should take things to the next level)

*** End Update ***

This is my first in a series I'm calling SERPWoo Reviews - (SERPWoo Analysis are going to be for niches/keywords, Reviews are going to be for domains/urls).

I'm starting to see some strange activity from (*), creeping up and dominating the SERPs for individual ORMs. Example, Google 'CCarter WF' - I've seen a huge increase in the spread of in the SERPs. Using the SERP Sightings (Click here if you are logged in: we got this for the #1-10 spots: Review Top 1-10 SERP Results

Nothing is hitting #1: Review #1 SERP Results

The levels of #2-3 are the same as well: Review Top 2-3 SERP Results

But, where things get interesting are #4-5: Review Top 4-5 SERP Results

Then the really interesting stuff happens at #6-10: Review Top 6-10 SERP Results


Same increases for #11-15 and #16-20: Review Top 11-15 SERP Results Review Top 16-10 SERP Results

The exposure started on October 18, 2014, and has been there steadily - Something about a Penguin? I dunno, I don't watch a lot of Gotham (someone will get that reference). What got me on this track is someone reported they were seeing an error, but it looks like it just wasn't propagating through all the Google datacenters.

Books.Google.CA is also doing a similar domination. I suspect that the increases are happening due to the devaluing of past properties, and Google just thinking it's own property is better then the rest ;)

I just had an idea, it would be cool if the SERP Sightings showed which Google search engine this URL was ranking in the most. Like an exposure breakdown. Several people stated something similiar to for keywords they are tracking as well, so I'll get to work on that right away.

I'm going to keep tracking this one, and if there are updates, I'll post them in an update at the top of this post.