SERPWoo Features

Traditional vs SERPWoo

Traditional Rank Tracker
Old School Rank Tracker: Limited in tracking and scope

Traditional rank trackers track a single domain throughout the top 100 results in Google - daily, weekly, and monthly.

They claim to help you optimize your SEO, but that's rather difficult when you are only able to see your own campaigns, and not what everyone else is doing or just want to understand how the best of the best are ranking.

Are social signals important, are they not? If so, which ones? What about backlinks, authority thresholds, and link velocity?

SERPWoo is different since it tracks ALL of the top 20+ results for keywords you selected and help you reverse engineer them. We implement 3rd party datafeeds to help you get a quick understanding of the rankings.

SERPWoo allows you to spot new competitors, look up their stats and get an idea of what they are doing to get to the top.

Spot Competition With An SEO Rank Tracker
SERPWoo Interface: More data, clean interface, clear understanding, easy to use, yet powerful.

Deeper SERP Analysis

SERPWoo gives you visuals of your SEO Campaigns like never before. You no longer have to pay high $XX,XXX monthly fees for the same powerful software large agencies utilize to gain the upperhand over their competition.

Deeper SERP Analysis
Project Visual: Visually watch your projects progress

SERP & ORM Analysis

SERPWoo excels at helping ORM (online reputation management) customers keep track of their clients campaigns, get alerts when someone new jumps into the top 20+ (upto 30+ on ORM, brand, or local campaigns), and keep a close eye on a company's brand.

Online Reputation Management URL Tagging
ORM Tagging: Tag URLs negative, positive and visually see how your ORM campaigns are coming along.
Online Reputation Management Goggle Mode
Online Reputation Management Goggle Mode: Turn your negative and positive tags into visual results

Local SEO Using GPS Coordinates For Accuracy

looking to pull local seo results for a region - you now can add a location like Chicago, 60607, or Paris when setting up a project to get local results. Also we now display 3/7 map packs!

Local SEO Rank Tracking with Map Packs
Local SEO Tracking: 3/7 map packs available!

What's Ranking Today Screenshot

This is the tool that gives you God-Mode over the SERPs. Being able to quickly glance at all your niches/keywords, get intelligent alerts on what's moving, and be one step ahead of your competition.

Aftermath of 'Garcinia Cambogia' Manual reviews on April 21st and 22nd, 2014.
Aftermath of the 'Garcinia Cambogia' manual reviews on April 21 and 22, 2014.
Notice the new urls (far right, single datapoint - circles, or triangles) - we immediately start gathering data for.

This tool is the first of many that will give reverse engineers a better understanding of what's happening in a niche, who's moving up, down, sideways, or spinning in circles (it happens more than you think).

Another important feature we are implementing is the ability to find and locate new parasites, pumper platforms, or web 2.0 properties that are starting to have a bigger presence in the rankings.

By monitoring the highest trafficked niches, traditionally spammy niches, we are able to send out global alerts on what new platforms are being utilize for SEO benefits.

Discover New Web Platforms

Parasites, microsites, web 2.0 properties, social media, social network, and on and on. Elite SEOers are taking advantage of them and a lot more to rank and drive link juice back to their other web properties. By using SERPWoo, you'll be able to monitor and discover new properties which are starting to rank and be utilized by elite SEOers that dominate the SERPs.

Discover New Platforms
Example: While monitoring a spammy niche 'Buy Oxycodone', we saw an elite SEO using as a parasite to boost the authority of his own site.

This is just one of the capabilities SERPWoo puts at your fingertips.

Where Are They Now?

Using the historical SERP Archives, you can set the focus date to the past, and see what properties have survived till this day. This is great for spotting spammy websites, niches, or what blackhatters call 'churn and burn' properties. Armed with this information you can look up the backlinks and SEO properties of the surviving urls and understand why and how they rank, to help improve your own efforts.

SERPWoo allows you to track the results of niches with high turnover rates, traditionally more spammy niches (historical chart tracking).

High Turn Over Niche
Example: 'Replica Gucci' a high turn-over niche, we are able to see what sites, which were ranking on Jan 1, 2014 (focus date), survived and for how long.

SERP Alerts

One of our biggest advantages is we send notifications to users when a competitor increases one of their metrics significantly. For Example, if a website that was ranking #20 jumps to #7 AND increases the amount of backlinks by more than 10%, you'll get an alert stating BOTH stats.

Alerts /  Notifications
Alerts: Our analyzer and A.I. bots decipher the data for you then send you an email on-screen display, or the coming soon push notifications (Mobile APPs).

3rd Party Datafeeds

As each API comes online, we'll seamlessly integrate it into the interface. We are constantly updating our feeds, API integrations, and making sure to stay up to date.

3rd Party Data
3rd Party Data: Easy to use click to lock interface, which allows you to hover over a particular date and get data from that particular day.

Currently we pull Alexa, several major social signals including Facebook (Comments, Shares, Links, and Total), Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and more. We also have quick outlinks to openlinkprofilers, netcomber, moonsearch,, urlfind, and additional deep analysis tools.

Spot Manual Reviews Instantly

SERPWoo allows you to watch manual reviews as they happen in a niche. We incorporate special algorithms which detects sudden disappearances of websites that have been ranking, usually triggered by a manual review or google algo update, then send out instant alerts to you.

Manual Review
Shown: The Manual Review for they keyword "Garcinia Cambogia" on April 21, 2014 and again on April 22, 2014 (Using a focus date of 4/21/2014).

Just getting warmed up

This is a small fraction of what SERPWoo is currently capable of. We haven't gone into the deep A.I. bots, custom crawler, with over 912+ billion indexed pages growing daily, the footprint monitoring (for on-site analysis), and other parts of the roadmap which are way too early to reveal. Create your free account, no credit card needed, and start exploring. Once you are ready to move to the next level we've got a simple one-click upgrade available.