Quick Glance

Quick Glance allows users to see their data quickly, similiar to old school rank trackers. We added this feature to give SERPWoo the rounded out feeling familiar with traditional rank trackers while taking tracking to a whole new level.

Quick Glance allows you to view your domain if it's within the top 100 (and coming soon top 500 SERP results).

We also provide easy exporting to csv!

Quick Glance Feature - Overview of Your SEO and ORM Keywords
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SERP Quick Glance - Rank Tracking

The SEO landscape is no longer as easy as it once was. One of the driving forces behind creating SERPWoo was that overall lack of innovation, failure to move the needle for years.

Within your Quick Glance interface you'll be able to quickly see what's going on for all your project But also have the option of viewing selected projects for a focused view.

Mini Quick Glance

Within Each Project there are mini-quick glances that show you the state of that project. Simple select an individual project and scroll and you'll see a quick glance of just that project.

Mini Quick Glances

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