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  130,000,000+ domains/urls monitored DAILY.

  1,000,000+ keywords queries DAILY.

  45,200+ scheduled reports generated DAILY.

  17,500+ active users.

  30+ years of SEO and ORM experience combined.

  5+ years in business.

Easy To use API (+Google Sheets)

10 programming languages sample code

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  •   Integrate in minutes
  •   Extensive API documentation
  •   10 programming language sample code
  •   Google Sheets - easy copy and paste scripts
  •   Intuitive, easy to use

Why SERPWoo?

Innovative Platform

We are constantly updating and creating a richer and deeper experience for our users.

Enterprise Ready Reporting

Understanding your progress is important and we have rebuilt our reporting system from the ground up to generate beautiful PDF reports, data heavy CSV exports, and our new API allows you to take a customized look at your data.

Developed By Industry Experts

The founders have over 30+ years of combined experience in search engine optimization, online reputation management, programming, and marketing. They have generated hundreds of millions for clients, their own ventures, and partners.

Multi-language Interface

The interface has options for English or Spanish language with more translations being added.

Friendly & Responsive Support

Our team cares about your campaign and we go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure your needs are met.

Helpful Resources

We've got a library of knowledge, resources, and articles that will help take your SEO and ORM game to the next level along with newly updated videos that showcase how you can take full advantage of the power at your fingertips.

Here's What Our Customers Say  

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SEO: Increasing Your Traffic

  •   Track your domains rankings easily
  •   Monitor your competition
  •   View ALL top 100 results for each keywords
  •   Measure strength of URLs and domains
Quick Glance

Keyword Research

Keyword Research with our Keyword Finder

A great campaign starts with right keywords to create a strong & powerful foundation.

Keyword Finder '

Local SEO

Track Your Local SEO keywords with SERPWoo

Monitor your keywords at the postal code, city, state, regional level with easy

Local SEO '

Mobile SEO

Track Your Mobile SEO keywords with SERPWoo

The internet, Google, and users have switched to mobile - now you too can track at mobile results.

Mobile SEO '

Online Reputation Management (ORM): Protecting Your Brand

  •   Tag problematic URLs red (negative) in your SERPs
  •   Benchmark and report your progress over time
  •   Protect your brand by monitoring your SERPs for affiliates, associates, employees, competitors, and unknowns
  •   Get organized project alerts straight to your email
  •   Create customizable Dashboard for your campaigns to see all your important metrics quickly
ORM URL Tagging
ORM Goggle Mode

Report: Showing Your Progress

  •   Crazy Beautiful PDFs
  •   ORM Benchmark Reports
  •   Individual Keyord SERP Reports
  •   Share live dashboard
  •   Organized and color coordinated email alerts
Customized SEO and ORM Reports - PDF
Customized SEO Reports - PDF Format

Friendly Responsive Support Team

SERPWoo customer support

We provide reliable support with a competitive edge. We pride ourselves on giving you a top-notch world class service which can only happen by listening to our customers.

  •   Expert SEO & ORM Professionals
  •   Within 24 hour response time (current average = 33 mins)

To get quick replies simply click on the chat icon in the bottom right corner of your interface and we'll respond as soon as humanly possible.