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Published by CCarter on 29th Jul 2015

Creating Your First Project

The main interface can be a bit overwhelming when first looking at it, and to help you we start by giving everyone's account 19 free default keywords so they can explore as their own keywords are getting populated with days of data.

To get started with your first project you would head on over to "Project Wizard" and create your first project. There are label tabs that make the process as simple as possible; first you would input a project name, then select the settings for your project.

Project Settings Tab

A "regular" project goes to page 2 of the SERPs since that was the original design of SERPWoo. For SEO purposes you would want a regular project. An "Online Reputation Management" (ORM) project goes to page 3 (top 30 of the SERPs and put more sensitive settings for notifications). ORM projects are for your company's brand, your executive's personal names, and other things that you would like to be notified of when there might be a problem or new URL results within the top 30 of those results.

Next option is the Google search engine's country setting. We do not implement all search engines from Google but a selected few. If you are in the USA you can select if that's where your users primarily search from.

The next option is "Location" - this is optional, but IF you do enter this your project will be location based. You can for example input "Chicago" or "60607" the zip code for an area within Chicago. That will get you localized results from within Chicago or the 60607 zip code respectively, essentially making your project a local SEO project. If you are looking for national results you should simply leave this blank.

The next option is the language. You can change the language used for the search, although I recommend just leaving it blank for national searches within the USA. This is useful though for places like Canada that has multiple official languages, and Google gives a selection of using English or French results. In cases like that when you use, and select "French" results for "vin" would be for wine, since that's what vin means in french. If you were to select "English" in, results for "VIN" would correspond to Vehicle Identification Number. So it's great if you want to change results if your users tend to change languages in their Google version.

The next option is the tracking type. You can track either the Desktop or Mobile version of your SERPs. It's either one or the other for this first project. You can create an additional project that monitors the other version of what you select, but it's critical to know what versions of the SERPs you want to monitor since at the moment it cannot be changed after a project is created.

Keyword Tab

After this tab, there is the keyword selection. Here you would enter each keyword on a separate line. Make sure to remove tabs, extra spaces, and clean up the list as best as possible. Each keyword phrase has to be on it's own line, otherwise the system will consider everything on 1 line a single keyword phrase.

The 3rd tab is the Domain/URL tab. This is where you enter the domains you own or if you are looking to monitor a specific URL like a video on youtube you would enter that in with double quotations. Again it is critical to enter each domain/url on separate lines. SERPWoo naturally monitors ALL the top 20/30 SERPs, and these domains/urls will be the ones that appear within the "Quick Glance" panel of your account. As well if you want the system to monitor the top 100 SERPs, you must have at least one domain/url entered in the domain/url for your project. That way if your domain is not within the top 20/30 the system will explore the whole top 100 results since it knows you are looking for a specific domain/url. If it finds it at position #89, then you'll be able to see it within the Quick Glance and in the main interface when you switch your view to "Top 100" or "View Only My Domains" - similar to how old school rank trackers operate.

Domain/URL Tab

Once you finish on the 3rd tab, and click next you are nearly complete. Just finalize the creation of your project on the 4th tab by clicking the button, and there you have your first project.

Now if you have a membership plan that has "Historical Data" and there is data for one or more of your keywords already within SERPWoo then your dashboard will automatically populate that past data for you. But if there is no historical data within SERPWoo your keywords will start with today from day one, and start populating. It may take up to 12-24 hours to populate depending on the time of day and how close you are to the "freshness" window, but you should start seeing your SERPs being tracked within the first 24 hours.

As your data is populating you can setup another project like a mobile version of your keywords if you would like or view one of the 19 default keywords we give you to see how the various SERPs move, so you can start figuring out the result of the user interface.

Additional Tips

One thing to note, when you explore the main interface (rainbow line charts) of a keyword, you can click on a line chart point with your mouse to "LOCK" the popup data window in place. You can then click again to "UN-LOCK" it.

As well, several of the popup data window's data boxes are outbound links to their respective 3rd party. For example you can click on the 3rd party metrics of that URL and be taken to respective platform to further research that URL.

Underneath the main chart interface you'll also find additional 3rd party information about each URL that is ranking. You can click any of the outbound links to go to that URL's respective data in the 3rd party as well.

Quick note: we do have quick videos in our video section, with one of our most recent and popular webinar where we talk about several intricacies of SERPWoo:

We also have a forum that you can get to within the members area and have a blog which we write specialized content that can help users out.

If there is anything specific you have questions on, just hit the feedback/support icon in the top right corner and we'll be more then happy to help you figure out what you need help with.

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