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Published by CCarter on 29th Jul 2015

Getting Started With SERPWoo

19 Default Keywords Used To Getting Started

To get started we give users 19 default keywords spread across several projects. At any time you can delete those projects/keywords - they never count against your current count.

Quick Glance

Think of SERPWoo like a rank tracker - you can start a project through the project wizard, and input keywords and domains you want to track.

For each keyword the top 20/30 start populating and if you entered a domain, the "Quick Glance" will scan the top 100 for each keyword in that project for that domain and display it.

We had to work a bit backwards to get the "full rank tracker" feel since we started out not wanting to be a "rank tracker" but more of a niche tracker. We've spent some time getting the basics down for rank tracking so users are more familiar.

Where things get interesting is after 2-4 days, you'll have a nice overview of the SERPs for each keyword, and the data will start populating from the 3rd party metrics - Alexa, WHOIS, social signals, moz, and more. These populate for EACH URL we monitor for each keyword you have entered. So 1 keyword would have 20-30 urls that each have data pulled for them.

3rd Party Data

That's the easy basics of getting started. You'll soon realize SERPWoo is great for ORM (online reputation monitoring) of the top 30 results as well as the reverse engineering uses. If you see a url you want to investigate in the chart simply click on the line, and it will lock the URL in place and you can click on the 3rd party metrics and will be taken to those respective platforms so you can further dig into that domains' data.

It may seem overwhelming at first, but after 2-3 days of looking at the data, you'll start to notice patterns and can click around to discover different areas to dig deeper into the data.

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