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Published by CCarter on 29th Jul 2015

Notifications and Alerts

Notifications are one of the most critical components of SERPWoo. With the massive amount of data coming from multiple sources, notifications will allow you to quickly see what's worth looking at and determine what is relevant for you at the moment.

The basic notifications, which you mostly see on the image to the right are movement notifications for domains/urls you are monitoring, or have tagged positive, negative, or other.

Example: when a particular page stops ranking for a keyword (drops out of the top 20/30), you will be notified in real-time. When a new page from a domain you are monitoring or have tagged starts ranking, you'll also get alerted.

In this crash course guide we'll walk you through the sphere of notifications and how you can properly utilize them to your advantage.

The first thing you'll notice when you get your new account are the default keywords given to you to get used to the system (To delete the default keywords you can follow these instructions: Delete Default Keywords).

Pepsi, Apple, Beats By Dre and other known brands, which are a part of the default keywords, will be used as examples through this guide. As you can see, you are not only able to quickly see the keyword that is being alerted, but the domain as well as the exact page that is moving up or down, and the position they are moving from. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for users to quickly view what's going on.

You can also click on any notification to get taken straight to the main chart of that keyword - no extra steps.

You can clear all the notifications in the bottom right-hand of the pop-up or if there are further notifications you can click on "View All Notifications" in the bottom left-hand of the pop-up - this will take you to the "Notification History" screen (next image).

Notification Display

Notification History

Notification History

^^ Above you can see the most recent 20 records - with the option to sort/filter (top right-hand search input). If you wanted to only see the notifications regarding "Pepsi", you would input pepsi, and the system will automatically sort and only showcase that term.

For fast researching, you can click on any keyword notification from this panel to query the exact keyword within the main interface.

Project Type - Default Notification (Regular or ORM)

Project Notification

^^ Above you can see one of the projects in my setup. Notice the pink underlined area, that tells me the type of project is an ORM (Online Reputation Management). Those notifications are set to a single position sensitivity, since ORM campaigns are the most sensitive possible. If anything in the top 30, (ORM campaigns monitor the top 30), moves up or down, you are alerted immediately.

There are some options for customizing alerts which we'll go into.

Bulk Update Project Notifications

Bulk Update Project Notifications

^^ In this project view you can select the "gear" icon (last tab) and you can bulk change the keywords and domains in that project to another position for alerting. So if you only want this project to notify you when a keyword moves 10 or more spots up or down, you would select "10 positions".

Keyword Specific Alert Update

Keyword Notifications Update

^^ Within the keyword panel are more defined edits, so if you want to specifically make sure "Pepsi" is more sensitive, you lower the positions alert, to say 1, instead of the 4 positions in this screenshot. You can also select 0 so you are never notified of this keyword's movement.

Domain/URLs Specific Alert Update

Domains/URLs Notifications Update

^^ The same can be done on a domain/url basis. If you simply do not want to get updates with anything to do with you can set the position to 0 for no alerts. You can also increase it to something like 10, so all the keywords that is ranking for you will only get notified if they move 10 positions or more in a given 24 hour period.

This was a quick crash course on the notification system, as more A.I. bots continue to detect new data sources, like an increase in social signals, the notification window will the place to view the new exciting data. Like with all of SERPWoo, we will continue improving the notification system as we innovate and evolve, so some of these screenshots maybe a bit out-dated depending on how far out we are. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to hit the feedback/support icon in the top-right menu of the interface and we'll be more than happy to help you or listen to your feedback.

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