ORM Goggle Mode (Online Reputation Management)

This is the one feature that takes ORM (online reputation management) to a whole new level. Within SERPWoo you have the ability to tag URLs negative or positive so you can properly keep track of what's going on within your SERPs. A Normal view of the SERPs for a keyword looks like below:

Normal Mode - NO ORM Goggle

^^ You'll notice that the main dashboard's chart is the rainbow chart we've all come to love. But look at the legend, it's color coordinated to your tags you've set (or was auto detected). You can now click on the top checkbox "ORM Goggle Mode" and it will change the color of the main dashboard to correspond to your ORM Tags like so:

Enable ORM goggle Mode

That's a lot of great green which is great. You can also see there is a new chart above the legend which indicates the tags and the ORM stats of these SERPs.

Alright, now let's use Homer Simpsons' SERP chart as an example of what you can expect to see if someone where searching for him:

Homer Simpson ORM Goggle Mode

^^As you can see due to his shenanigans he's got quite a bit of negative online reputation that needs taking care of. As an ORM specialist visually seeing the damage, with the ability to switch Focus Dates to before and after to show clients your progress can give you a huge leg up on the competition. Heck even pricing an ORM job is made easier once you see that Homer's got way more negative URLs ranking then you would originally think.

Your goal is to now drive up more green and positive URLs through SEO, and drive down the negative posts through re-active ORM, contacting the owner of those websites if possible and getting them removed from the SERPs.

How To Tag A Domain/url With An ORM Status

Editing A Tag

Editing tags is as easy as clicking the edit icon within the legend and switching the tag type. Your switch the tag to monitor only the URL or the whole domain, and these setting stay within your project. So if you have multiple keywords for the "Homer Simpson ORM project" you only have to tag the domain or URL once and if that page or website appears within another keyword in the same project it will already be tagged.

You also have the ability to change tags within the 3rd party data below the Main Dashboard's chart, and also within the popup window when you hover over a URL.

We are working on ORM specific PDF reports for users that want client reporting for their project. Those should be out before the end of August 2015.

To learn more about the Online Reputation Tracking feature visit this follow page and view our video showcasing the features: Online Reputation Tracking