How To Create A SEO Report PDF

One of the easiest things we did with SERPWoo was allow users to create a PDF for an SEO Report.

The first step is to get your Focus Date and View Range settings exactly as you want them to appear in the PDF, then hit the "Go" button view the chart with your new settings.

Next click on the Export PDF icon in the bottom right corner of the chart.

Export PDF Report

You will get prompted with the settings SERPWoo detects and then will be allowed to input a White Label option (if your plan allows it). Once you confirm the settings are correct, click on the "Generate PDF" button.

Generate PDF report

It will take less then 60 seconds to process, and you will be immediately notified within the notification that your PDF report is done. You can click on the notification itself and will be prompted to download the PDF right from the interface.

Notification When Report Is Done

SEO Reporting Templates Example

Below is an example of the PDF Report we just generated:

SEO Reporting PDF Example

SEO Reporting PDF Example #2

We are working on an ORM specific report, a Local SEO specific report, and a traditional Rank Tracker report as well in the coming weeks. As soon as those are ready, we'll be updating this guide on how to activate those new reports for users.

At anytime if you have any questions, you can select the feedback icon in the top right corner of the interface and we'll get back to you with a quick response as soon as we are available.