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Published by CCarter on 29th Jul 2015

Accurate Rank Tracker - Local SEO and More

Rank Tracking Accuracy - How accurate is SERPWoo's results?

Extremely. Where most rank trackers fail is the neutralizing universal/personal search on global/national data. SERPWoo does that extremely well, but where accuracy really matters is at the local level, and with our unique way of implementing searching within your client's region for their service/product/brand, you'll get the most accurate SERP data possible, and still have the option at the national level.

Why is it difficult to be accurate for other rank trackers?

To put it simply using an example of "Plumber", when you search for that at the nation-wide level (using with no locality set), you are getting a list of the top ranking Plumber sites, great for SEOs to know their authority, but completely useless for users.

So with universal search where results are personalized according to location, and past history, a user searching for simply "Plumber" in New York City, New York is going to get different results then a user searching for "Plumber" in Houston, Texas - since that's best for the user's experience.

The problem comes in when doing traditional rank tracking with older systems that only pull "Plumber" nationwide - that's useless for your clients and therefore will not return natural results. Some old rank tracker customers compensate by utilizing "Plumber New York" - and that becomes more accurate, but that may not be what exactly the searcher is looking for.

One solution is properly utilizing IPs from the desired location to pull the results in that area.

By utilizing SERPWoo's unique abilities and technologies we are able to track "Plumber" for you with the locality as Chicago (below screenshot), New York City, and in Houston, as well as nationwide and display all 3 separate, with their separate rankings for each location.

Local SEO Rank Tracking Example

To enable this, when creating a new project simply input the locality you are looking to pull results from, it can be set by city, state, postal code, or country (Example: New York City, or "60607" for a Chicago postal code).

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