Our Mission

SEO has gotten more competitive and traditional rank trackers simply cannot cut it anymore - SERPWoo is here to fill the void that's missing from the SEO and ORM world. Once you experience awareness of everything - what some call SERP omnipresence mode, it's impossible to go back.

SERP Omnipresence

SERPWoo is the birds eye view of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

SERPWoo is the bridge between your current SEO monitoring (traditional rank trackers) and marries it with deep data analysis that is only available with monitoring the top 30 positions and adds deep data metrics from social signals and 3rd party tools which are known in the industry for their amazing stats.

Traditional Rank Trackers Versus SERPWoo

^^ In the above examples, if you were simply looking at the traditional rank tracker and you suddenly dropped, you wouldn't know what's going on - is it your onsite SEO, offsite SEO, or the niche as a whole that's being manually reviewed? With SERPWoo, you would get an immediate alert, then when you logged in you would see a high volatility score for that day where 85% of the top 10 rankings got removed, and will be able to visually see the manual review happening.

So instead of waiting hours, days or weeks to see who the survivors are and then looking up what they did, you would be able to see immediately what's going on, who survived, and start analyzing their SEO campaigns to see what's the clear difference in the winners versus the losers, keeping you weeks ahead of the competition who simply watch their results and may not even know that a manual review happened for days if not weeks at a time.

SERP Archives

SERPWoo gives you the competitive edge you need in competitive niches.

ORM - Online Reputation Management

ORM Goggle Mode

^^ Above ORM Goggle Mode (How to Enable ORM Goggle Mode). Your reputation is critical for business and your personal success in life. It's critical to know what people see when they search for you or your company online, and what's more critical is that you know instantly when something new, positive or negative, appears immediately, in order to promote it or combat it - SERPWoo helps you do this by quickly showing a visual representation of what's ranking and their ranking metrics.

SERP Analysis - Reverse Engineer

SERP Analysis

^^ The url that has survived the longest is the one that you want to be analyzing to mimic versus the other guys who couldn't keep up in this competitive niche. The SEO landscape has become more and more competitive, with linking opportunities eroding faster and faster by the day. But somehow some way there are certain competitors that can keep up and continue growing in this environment - SERPWoo helps you analyze what they are doing easily, faster, and with instant notification you will be ahead of other competitors by leaps and bounds.

Spot Negative SEO or Over Optimization

Negative SEO

Whoops, looks like whatever strategy these guys just did had them take a hit in the SERPs, click on any of the 3rd party metrics in the popup window to start analyzing what's going on with their SEO strategy. This may be a classic example of negative SEO happening in real time.

Niche Tracking versus Traditional Rank Tracking

Quick Glance

Traditional Rank Trackers had their turn. They were from the old world, and did their job when SEO was easy. But SEO is no longer as easy and their lack of innovation has failed you, they have failed to move the needle for years, until SERPWoo came onto the scene, you couldn't get a single rank tracker to update with the times to help you better your SEO campaigns - and ORM forget about that. SERPWoo is the spark that re-ignited the fire to dominate the SERPs like it was 2007 all over again - but this time around we are going to do things smart and that requires a bit of watching the best of the best now - that's what SERPWoo helps you accelerate at.

Beast Mode Keyword Research - Keyword Finder

Keyword Finder

The double-headed dragon also has a new secret weapon. In order to help users get more keywords into SERPWoo we developed our Keyword Finder to accelerate this process. The more keywords you have in SERPWoo the wider net you will have for intelligence gathering. Keyword Finder has a secret though - it not only pulls the related terms of a keyword you enter, it will also pull the top 10 websites ranking for your keyword, and then pull ALL their keywords for you! No other keyword tool automatically pulls the keywords of your competitors for you at the speed SERPWoo's Keyword Finder does.

Too Many Features to Name & More To Come

Global Stats

Our goals with SERPWoo have just begun. This is a small fraction of what's possible with SERPWoo, we didn't get into deep parasite monitoring, or notifications, SERP Sightings, Global Stats, or some of the newer features that are going to blow SEO software from the old world completely out of the water, cause this post could go on forever, but I think I've stated more then enough to show you we are here for the long term and are serious about helping our paying customers get the most out of SERPWoo.

Ask around, most of you have heard about our excellent customer service, and we plan on continuing to create a gold standard for being the top SERP Analysis and ORM tool in this industry for a long time. Every 1-2 months we try to bring something new or innovative to the table to give our customers yet another advantage over their competitors - you have my word that we will continue this mission objective until there is simply no Google.