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Published by CCarter on 29th Jul 2015

Best Way To Use SERPWoo

The best way to use SERPWoo depends on your end goal. There are two angles - SEO or ORM (online reputation management). With either angle it's probably best to start off with the Keyword Finder, with narrow searches in order to not overwhelm the data connection, and find keywords you want to rank for in SEO or ones that are important to your ORM campaign.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SERPWoo was designed to help reverse engineer the SERPs. First by displaying all the top SERP results - you'll have a grand overview insight of what's going on in your niche and compare them with other niches. One reason we give the 19+ default keywords is so you can get familiar with the system as your inputted keywords start populating (You can input keywords through the Project Wizard or Keyword Finder).

The next level is gathering 3rd party metrics to generate an augmented view of that data which is in front of you. You can see if the urls ranking in the top SERPs have more social signals, high or low Moz DA/PA metrics, the amount of backlinks each url/domain has, their Alexa rank, PageRank, and other SEO metrics which help you figure out the power of your competitors. To dig deeper, you can click on any of the metrics and be taken to the respective 3rd party's interface with the domain/url populated already.

For example you can click on the Moz DA or PA and be taken to Moz's with the data for the domain already populated. This works with any of the 3rd party metrics in the pop-up window when you hover over a datapoint OR in the data below the main chart.

If you go down the GSA SER route or even whitehat (look up your competitors links and get the same links) route - really any reverse engineering route, you can click on a url you see ranking well, then view their latest backlinks from (click on the link) and then import those urls into GSA and start extracting and utilizing those same backlinks to get the same results as your competitor. Example chart:

Search Engine Results Pages For SEO Reverse Engineering

^^ This is an example of a niche that is highly volatile "replica gucci'. Notice our focus date is set to Jan 1st, 2014. The focus date allows us to home in on a particular date, otherwise the chart would be a complete mess. Now You see a niche with a lot of activity but most of the urls start dropping out rather quickly - all but one.

That one light blue is able to jump back into the rankings (notice from 1/10/2014 to 2/3/2014 - there is a jump, since they were not ranking, but have returned. In this example I would go into or even OpenLinkProfiler, and pull all new urls that they started to build from around the time they stopped ranking 1/10/2014 to the jump, and even go to the date at the end of the chart. Why that range? Since they dropped but found NEW golden data that allows them to gain back and continue dominating while everyone else just sort of fell off the map. The light blue url has fresher backlinks or more powerful backlinks and can last longer - extract that data range with GSA or whatever tool you need to and start using those same domains to get backlinks.

It doesn't stop with GSA SER either, this technique works with white hat methods - look up the backlinks your competitors are getting (this also helps you stay relevant within your niche), and then utilize the same backlinks to rank. But don't just look up any competitor, look up the winners, and maybe look at the losers to see what they have in common and why they got hit negatively so you don't fall for the same trap. Maybe all their whois data is private, and the light blue is not private. Maybe only the light blue has social signals and the others do not. Each niche is different.

ORM (Online Reputation Management)

With the ORM projects - you are able to monitor the top 3 pages of your SERPs to figure out what's going on within your SERPs and combat any negative problems before they occur. This is huge since it allows you to see things rising, and combat them for proactive reputation management, but also react when there is a problem. You can tag urls negative, positive, commercial, affiliate, and more and then go into Goggle mode to view a visual of the data:

ORM (Online Reputation Management) Goggle Mode

That's just a quick rundown of what's possible with SERPWoo, there is still a ton more, cause even I'm still learning new angles of what's possible when playing around with this much data.

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