New Teams and Sharing Features

You can now create teams and share projects within SERPWoo with other users.
12th Feb 2019
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New Teams and Sharing Feature

New Teams and Sharing Features

We are proud to introduce 2 new features within Quantum (beta): "Teams" and "Sharing".

Now you can create teams and share projects within SERPWoo.


Teams allow you to group projects together and then focus on those projects only by switching the Team Interface Filter to only show that team's projects.

The new Sharing Feature allows you to give access to employees, contract workers, or clients to a particular team or individual project.

You can create a team within the Team Panel by opening Teams from the top right corner:

Team Interface Filter

then selecting "Team Panel":

View Team Panel

Create your first team by inputted a name then select your the project you would like to add to that team:

Create A New Team

Afterward, click the "edit" button to go into the team:

Edit A Team

Now you can start adding additional projects to that team:

Add Projects To Team

You can then use the team filter interface from earlier to select a team and the interface will only show projects from that team to you (the top search will also filter to search within only the team as well as most other panels). The user data navigation at the top will turn into an orange which indicates you are seeing only a filtered team view:

Team Filtered Dropdown and Search

A showcase of the sidebar projects filtered by teams:

Team Filtered Projects

As Quantum continues to grow new features and panels will continue to incorporate the team filter.

Sharing Teams and/or Projects

With Sharing (Sub-Accounts feature) the process is as smooth as possible. You can share a team or project with users (even free) that have SERPWoo accounts OR users that do not yet.

Open Share Settings

If you input an email for a user that does not have a SERPWoo account, like a new employee or client, they will be prompted to create one once they accept the invitation they get by email. Once they complete the free account creation process the team or project you shared will AUTOMATICALLY be accessible within their account.

If you input an email or username that already has a SERPWoo account their account will automatically have access to the team/project if they have auto-accept enabled (on by default).

Invite To Share Teams and/or Projects

To play around with Quantum (Beta) and the new teams and sharing feature login here: Quantum Login

As with anything let us know what you think and how we can improve upon it. I'll see you on the frontlines.

- CCarter

P.S. Quantum is almost ready to launch - so get your feedback in as soon as possible if you think we can improve upon something.