Streamlining Your ORM Process With SERPWoo

How much time are you spending on fixing reputations daily?

Online Reputation Management Process

Online reputation management professionals make up a large customer base for us here at SERPWoo. As so, it would only be fitting to explain how SERPWoo can best be used for ORM.

By the time most of us think about reputation management, it has either been too late for us or one of our clients.

Looking up my own name online ( even when included with my city name ), I find a mix of bank robbers, murders, and members of America's Most Wanted. There are even 2 other people with my exact name who are digital marketing professionals around my same age that live in my same city!

If I were to apply for a job and my future employer look up my name, would they even find the real me? Would a potential business partner decide to not do business with me because of the false information they found online?

ORM is a huge industry for digital marketing professionals and small business alike. Below I list how SERPWoo helps you take advantage of this booming need today.

Fixing The Rank Tracking Problem

For those of us that have either:

  • Created new positive or neutral listings

  • Helped rank already existing content in the SERPs

  • Paid someone else to handle the above procedures

The issue has been how to effectively track these URLs that we intend to use to outrank the negative placements we want pushed down.

What was once the cumbersome and outdated procedure of inserting each and every URL into a regular rank tracking system and monitoring each URL one by one is now solved with SERPWoo by simply tracking the keyword(s) in question and charting the URLs as they jump in and up the SERPs in one central location over time.


Their Method

Rank Tracking
(old clumsy way, each URL inserted and tracked one by one in disorder)

SERPWoo's Method

New Method of ORM
(improved SERPWoo method of just inserting the keyword only and watching all URLs at once)

SERPWoo saves you time from inserting URLs by hand and keeps all your information in one easy and convenient place to track your progress. There is no simpler solution.

The Issue Of Getting Alerts

If you were lucky enough to have used an outdated rank tracker that even gave you alerts, the problem you faced was that you ONLY received alerts on the one URL you were allowed to track within their system.

SERPWoo thought it would be better to crank the awesome-ness up to 11 and allow you to monitor multiple URLs AND domains for your selected keyword(s) and get alerted when ANY of them move X positions, where X is any number you choose.

These URLs and domains can be those you are trying to rank higher, or those that you want to see pushed down.

Get alerted when your chosen URLs move based on your needs, all in one location.

Thats how we roll at SERPWoo.

Being Proactive

Most consultants are reactive in nature. A negative review makes it way to the front page of a SERP and your client calls you non-stop at 10pm on a Saturday night to get it removed. Even worse is when you find a negative ( or false review ) for your own services that made its way to the front page as well.

With the innovative way SERPWoo is setup for tracking the top 20 results for a keyword, you can instantly see when negative reviews and news start climbing up BEFORE they hit the front page of Google.

This allows you to be proactive in your ORM process long before the undesired results make it to the front page and can even help you make more money from your client in the process.

Proactive Online Reputation Management
(spot negative placements BEFORE they land on the front page)

Proving Your Efforts To Clients

Many times clients just do not see the value in our work. They either question the results or think we sprinkle some fairy dust around to make results go our way.

With a single snapshot you can relay to them that not only are your efforts working, but that over time you are taking over the negative results they first hired you for.

Reporting To Your ORM Client
(show clients how your work effects the rest of the SERPs)

By giving them a single visual of how your efforts are pushing down negative results day by day, clients no longer question if your efforts are effective or not.


SERPWoo helps ORM professionals by saving them time and giving them more insight into their keyword SERPs which can help you make more money and help prove more value to your clients.

Before SERPWoo most ORM marketers had to perform these same tasks by hand one by one and painstakingly hunt and search for the graphs and charts they needed to show clients how beneficial their work was.

Let us know how you use SERPWoo and what you would like to see included within SERPWoo to help with your ORM efforts below.

To The SERPs!

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Testimonial From BlueSteele: Seeing lots of applications for ORM campaign tracking. Am used to creating a real fucking mess in my current trackers, this should lay things out much more neatly. Also, for those local folks who are pushing their clients parasites, it's going to be useful to know where they stand. Gone is the mess, and hopefully the damn screenshots of rankings I am so used to taking for clients. And that appears to be only the tip of the iceberg.

Jason Brown is the Co-Founder of SERPWoo as well as a serial entreprenuer, digital marketer, web programmer, author, speaker, & mentor

At some point, he would like the bigger companies in his space to stop trying to steal his and his partners concepts and ideas and have them innovate on their own instead.