Published:  6th Aug 2017

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Push Down Negative Websites Just Like Expensive ORM Professionals

Do you find it frustrating when a "not-so-positive" result comes up for your name after typing it in Google? Someone else with your name pops up front and center with their arrest record and you're afraid clients might mistake that person, for you?

Push Down Negative Websites Just Like Expensive ORM Professionals

Several years ago I was trying to land gigs as a freelancer any way I possibly could. Many times I would never get to the interview stage and it really frustrated me. I tried:

  • Rewriting my proposals and cold emails
  • Following up and reaching out on other platforms like Twitter and Linkedin
  • Purchasing ads to get their attention ( Facebook, Adwords, Linkedin )
  • Sending them handwritten letters in the postal mail
  • Sending in a different resume under a "similar name" and slightly different similar background (think of this as split testing resumes and talents)

Nothing was working and I was getting desperate. I felt like a complete loser because I wasn't even getting a response from these gigs.

It wasn't until I put myself in my prospective clients shoes and Google'd my name that I realized what ended up a large part of the issue all along....

There were several Jason Brown's in my city!

  • A criminal recently arrested/wanted by the law
  • A police officer that was under investigation for drunk driving
  • Recently deceased person
  • Another web designer and internet marketer
  • Skate boarder ( not that this is bad, but Im not 18 years old either )
  • Owner of a bar and grille ( also not bad, but he came up for a lot of results for partying )

And while you would think someone could tell the difference and use a little common sense, I've learned that you have to hand-hold and guide people to the right goal you want achieved in life. I couldn't simply assume my potential clients could tell those people were not me.

And thus, I learned that anyone typing in my name could think they found the "real me" and cross me off their potential hire list before they realized the error.

Could this potentially happen to you? What if this happens to one of your clients and their brand name?

Don't fret. Sometimes all it takes is nudging the offending result downward in the search engine result pages with new content from sites that allow you to sign up, post content, and start ranking your new positive content.

I've listed 45 website that show up for various "names" I have tracked for months where online reputation management professionals are trying to push negative results off the front page of Google for their clients. Now you can use this list and get a jump start on protecting your brand and name for free.

Simply sign up, verify your email, post your content and throw a few high quality links at your profile ( or content ) URL.

Top 45 Sites To Help You Push Down Negative Results

1) (DA 100) This is one of the most trusted and most used sites in the world, so it's a given that your main site gets a link from Facebook. Whenever a business starts out, they always build a Facebook page and so should you.
2) (DA 58) This honeymoon registration site is gaining in popularity. So are websites where you can not only register for honeymoon gifts, but wedding gifts and baby shower gifts. Think Target and many others. I'm not listing them all of the wedding, honeymoon, baby sites, but you get the drift, right?
3) (DA 100) Who doesn't love Twitter for creating some accounts and trying to rank them for ORM? I shouldn't have to tell you much here folks.
4) (DA 99) Go ahead, create another blog on this community site and get to posting content.
5) (DA 93) Much like Youtube, this video sharing site packs a punch for both ranking and domain authority. Get a profile and some videos and start ranking.
6) (DA 86) Many of you might miss this site. It's created by and for businesses looking for funding and talent. Connect your name to a company and start throwing some links at it.
7) (DA 68) I've noticed some slick marketers signing up new teams or attaching themselves to established teams and posting videos in the community section of this site.
8) (DA 90) This is a massive question and answer site that is sooo juicy for getting your name ranked well. It's also massive just for traffic in general. Sign up and start asking and answering today.
9) (DA 88) Didn't I mention up above how popular honeymoon, baby shower, and wedding registery sites are getting? Sign up and get to linking.
10) (DA 100) You more than likely already spend hour a day viewing cat videos and gold digger prank videos. Go ahead and create a new account for your brand and moving up in the SERPs.
11) (DA 100) I shouldn't have to mention it, but you know anything owned by Google will get priority in most SERP results.
12) (DA 100) With Linkedin, you can not only rank for your name and brand, but also get real leads in the process. What's not to love about this site?
13) (DA 99) With over 13 billion photos and 2 million groups, Im positive you will find a place to fit in for your name here. It's also good for finding images when you write content.
14) (DA 100) My wife and kids got me addicted to using this site almost daily. It's also good for ranking with your name.
15) (DA 99) I remember when this site was a spammer's paradise. If you're smart, it still is. Be warned though, they have a habit of taking down overtly spammy content.
16) (DA 90) Another former spammers paradise, blogger has been around forever and can help boost your name and brand in the SERPs. Don't get carried away with poorly written content though.
17) (DA 89) This is just one of the ORM professionals favorite sites when it comes to press releases. Free or paid, press release sites get hammered with people trying to build links and rank for their name/products. I'm only listing 1 PR site, but you can find many more digging around on Google easily.
18) (DA 95) Even though they are having financial issues and laying people off left and right, I'm going to keep this site on the list. Until the content just vanishes, you can set up an account and start posting content to get your name ranked well.
19) (DA 91) This site seems to be built just for someone thats really into ORM. I mean, all you do is talk about yourself! Do I really need to explain more about this?
20) (DA 89) If you're a top executive at a company, or start launched one, you can get listed here easily and then show up in the SERPs.
21) (DA 99) I wouldn't get too "market-y" on this site. While you can create an account and post some content, these guys will sniff you out a mile away if you try anything too fishy or smells of self promotion. I warned you...
22) (DA 92) Back in the day, even I myself had a Typepad account. Yeah, I used it to spam, but things have changed in the last decade. This is similar to, so you already know what you need to do here.
23) (DA 94) Not posting a story, but you could if you become a trusted writer. However, for this exercise you might want to snag a profile/user link such as where the XXXXX is your profile page/ID
24) (DA 49) Your the expert here on this website all about experts. Sign up and upload your pic, bio, name, brand name and more.
25) (DA 83) While a good tool on it's own, you're looking for a profile page here such as where XXXXX is your profile page/ID
26) (DA 90) Throw up some tunes or a podcast and easily get your name and brand on this website.
27) (DA 80) I'll admit I check this site out EVERY FREAKIN DAY. Im hooked. If you sign up and find interesting products, you can upvote them or even promote your own product/service. Profile page is what you will end up seeing in the SERPs
28) (DA 72) I'd never even heard of Gust until I wrote this article. They put investors and start-up together. Either way, I've found people ranking their names on this site. You should be able to.
29) (DA 51) You create tutorials on this site. Be warned, this isn't something you will be able to spend 5 minutes on and throw up if you want to rank a tutorial. Put in a little effort and the results might surprise you.
30) (DA 68) Guru profiles are searchable by search engines. Nuff said.
31) (DA 95) Read a good book lately? Start a profile and comment on it. Watch your profile and ratings get ranked in search engines too.
32) (DA 22) Got a company? You could end up here. What ranks are profiles of your company ( and name ) such as where XXXXX is your profile page/ID
33) (DA 94) Medium is the new and upgraded It's actually 30x better. With that said you already know what do to here, right?
34) (DA 96) You are going to try to snag a profile link here. Similar to examples like, where XXXXX is your profile page/ID
35) (DA 27) Your profile page gets ranked here. Such as where XXXXX is your profile page/ID
36) (DA 63) Give world-class advice as an expert and also get your profile ranked on this gem of a website.
37) (DA 87) You might not have ever thought about it, but traveling sites like couchsurfing are good sites to create a profile that ranks well. So many travel sites out there ( think AirBnB ) for you to explore.
38) (DA 98) Good ol Amazon. Nope, you're not listing something for sale. Your doing reviews such as where XXXXX is your review of a product with the name you want good results for.
39) (DA 24) Not so much for the content, this is more to build a profile page to get your name published. Such as, with XXXXX being your profile name/ID
40) (DA 96) Make a profile, upload some slides, and you could pushing down negative sites in a few days.
41) (DA 87) Just like above, freelance sites with profiles are generally searchable by search engines.
42) (DA 99) Who doesn't enjoy Instagram? When I'm not looking at pics of the beach or exotic cars, I'm trying to boost my profile to rank for my name.
43) (DA 52) Another blog site like Typepad and Wordpress, but lesser known. Maybe that's why entries on this site seem to rank higher than other blog platforms that get spammed to death.
44) (DA 90) Very popular funding site and easy to join. Think Kickstarter and Indiegogo for more options.
45) (DA 78) You're not actually publishing on the site, but by registering you will find oppertunities to get your "name" out on more websites if you are selected to help reporters with their stories. Think of is as an easy "incoming stream" of link and content oppertunities.
BONUS 46) (DA 98) (From a suggestion by Envoc - A Full Service Digital Marketing Agency - One that I would like to add to this ORM friendly list is Github. A great property to rank for First/Last Name queries on Google.)

Have you tried to use similar sites in the past to push down negative results for yourself or clients?

Related: As a BONUS, combine this list with our "35 Sites Which Increase Your Domain's Trust" and easy how-to on "Monthly ORM Reporting" while using SERPWoo.

Let us know any we may have missed ( that actually rank ) and your experience in setting up new content up on the list we provided above.

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