Published:  25th Apr 2018

How I use To Manage Online Reputation Clients

How I use SERPWoo To Manage Online Reputation Clients

SERPWoo isn't just for SEO companies that want to track competitor rankings in Google. The following is some invaluable information on using SERPWoo for Online Reputation Management projects so you can protect your online reputation from harm and quickly repair the damage caused by negative publicity, a business mistake or a competitor's negative marketing campaign.

Take Advantage of Keyword Finder

Keyword Finder is a tool that enables you to see what sites have a high rank for a particular keyword. A business owner who wants to manage his or her reputation online can use this tool to type in his or her own business name to see what other search terms we should be focusing on to create content around and to publish optimized content using those keywords.

Naturally, even the best businesses do not get all positive reviews. There will always be misunderstandings, customers who are impossible to please and those who expected something different from what you have to offer. Don't panic if you see some negative results from your search. On the other hand, you should be concerned if one or more of the top ten results feature negative information and/or the majority of sites talking about your business are saying negative things about it. Being able to track where these negatives are and how they move up or down in the search results and being able to showcase this to clients is invaluable.

SERPWoo Keyword Finder

Tag the URLs

SERPWoo has a handy tool that enables you to tag the URLs that you are checking.

SERPWoo ORM Tagging

You can label them negative, positive or neutral depending on the information they share about your business. What is more, you can generate and download a report in order to track changes that occur on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or even annual basis. For example this client has been battling a negative RipOff Report result that we can track the position over any given period of time and in this case 7 days so we can let the client know the drop in the rankings and verify it with screenshots.

Set up Alerts and Track Each Result in One Location

It's easy to mark all of the target negative sites in Red and watch as you move a negative RipOff Report from number 7 to number 10 over the course of a week. Being able to easily showcase this to clients is invaluable and loved by all of our ORM clientele.

SERPWoo ORM Tracking

One particularly convenient tool this platform offers is the ability to set up notifications that will provide up to date information on how your online reputation and SEO standing are faring in real-time. You can be notified if sites containing information about your business rise or fall in Google's search engine. You can even use this tool to keep track of your competitors' online reputation to see what types of services and products your clients hold in high regard.

SERPWoo ORM Alerts

The ability to keep tabs on your online reputation can make or break your business. Thankfully, you no longer have to spend hours doing searches on Google and other search engines to find out what people are saying about you and compare this information to what potential clients think about your competitors. SERPWoo makes it easy to accurately track your companies or client's reputation online with just a few mouse clicks. The data is continually updated and can be stored with ease, enabling you to measure your online performance to see what aspects of it need to be improved.

Question & Answers:

Richart was kind enough to answer some questions that SERPWoo users had sent in a few weeks ago via a survey. Below are his answers to some of the most pressing ORM questions WooNation had

Q: Whats the best place to get deep understanding of ORM?

A: Reading guides online definitely help. SERPWoo has done a great job of putting together valuable information as you can see here: in addition try creating and building a strong brand presence for your business or yourself and you will see first hand how you can sculpt your brands image in the search results.

Q: Is linkbuilding still the most effective tactic for ranking content?

A: Depends on the scenario and situation for the client. High quality content will not need a lot of link building and will rank on its own once published. In some instances I have built relationships with webmasters who are willing to remove and delete the unwanted content. In a recent public shaming scenario I was able to go to Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites and showcase how the photos the attacker posted were not used with permission and it was a public shaming and cyber bullying attack on my client. Thankfully they completely deleted the results and we didn't need to create new content.

Q: Is quality (DA, PA, etc.) more important than quantity (# of links)?

A: Without a doubt. Back in 2010-2012 quantity over quality worked wonders and there wasn't an issue that couldn't be resolved with more links. Now it's shifted to higher quality and relevant content.

Q: What is your specific linkbuilding strategy? What is the best way to build links to positive properties these days?

A: I try to lay the foundation for the client and then build layers on top of that. For example for an individuals campaign I will build out their Linkedin Profile (if they don't already have an optimized one) as well as biographical sites and once those are created then I start to create high quality editorial and news sites that I can get features on. These sites are relevant to the clients niche and tend to rank well in the SERPS. Then I work on building links to those articles as well as building links to the bio sites created. I also like to launch paid distribution press releases. When you lay a good initial foundation of quality and relevant webpages it will make it easier to push those results higher.

Q: Are there certain publications (such as national newspapers) that are just unrealistic to dislodge in SERPs and rank above?

A: Yes, These days,, and those really high top tier 1 newspapers are nearly improbable to get off of page 1 in a timely manner especially if they are stuck in position 1. There is a nice loophole however that we've researched if you can generate enough positive content from that same website you can leverage those positive results to outrank the negative ones from that same root URL.

Q: How to best handle that one really bad review to your customer?

A: We have a service that will completely de-optimize and remove a Yelp or Google My Business listing result but the issue is that you lose all your positive reviews as well. If it's only 1 negative review then work with your happy clients to get them to write up positive reviews for your company and any client who's interested and does their diligence will see so many positives and won't be affected by the one negative. If you want to try and remove it you can always flag it if it's inappropriate and try to speak with a moderator to have them remove the result.

Q: What is the most efficient way to monitor multiple products for a brand for negative reviews and negative social media comments?

A: Great question on the monitoring front. I haven't seen a great tool for monitoring new results for clients and thus am finalizing a review management software that can track all of that for clients big and small. Of course tracking rankings is also extremely important to my clients and that's why I love SERPWoo.

Q: Reporting specific to ORM Is ORM any different than simply ranking searches that have bad reputation links with new links?

A: Yes, it's different in the sense that in some cases you are a detective to track down a webmaster to ask them to redact or remove a clients name from a specific webpage. It's not always SEO but when it is think of it being a lot more tactical as you have to try to rank 10 good things on a page and sometimes it involves creating a lot of new results and in other cases the results are there you just have to be aggressive with your link building and tracking what you've built.

Q: How to measure and improve ORM What is the most efficient way to push down negative results in SERPS?

A: Quality content and exact match domains are the most efficient over the course of time. It's not overnight unless we are doing a direct removal with one of the websites we have a relationship with.

Q: How much money can I make doing it?

A: It's a lucrative industry if you know how to do it right. I turned down two 7 figure offers to sell my company last year.

Q: Whats the most important factor in ORM, getting the results you need in Google Successfully improving reputation often seems impossible without substantial improvements in product quality. What are some ways to make positive ORM improvements, when you have little control over product quality?

A: You can only make so many suggestions to a company to try and have them adjust their brand image from the consumers who are purchasing their products point of view. I suggest the use of surveys to generate feedback from their clients after a purchase and to find the unhappy customers that way so they can reach out and hear them vent directly to them as opposed to the world on social media and on consumer review websites.

Q: How to go about finding clients? Is is still possible to tank negative results (I don't think so) or is it better to just focus on increasing rankings of positive properties?

A: I don't believe in using negative SEO tactics as there are many potential headaches that can arise from that. You can go to any newspaper or complaint site and see a plethora of negative news articles daily. The media feeds off of negative news stories and could care less to display and showcase something positive in the world. It's unfortunate but that's the reality we live in and what makes the case for a reputation management company. Focus on increasing rankings and insulating the client from future attacks while also focusing on potential direct removals.

Q: Is building links to social media profiles of a brand you're carrying out ORM for a realistic way to get them on to the first page of Google?

A: Absolutely, especially if the client is actively posting to their social media profiles it helps the cause tremendously. Remember Google likes to showcase a balanced set of results and that includes Social Media Profiles, Videos, Exact Match Domains, and News articles. So gathering all of that is helpful for the clients successful campaign.

Q: Getting the best reviews to stand out Clients are not cooperative when trying to rebuild their online reputation. Keeping positive product reviews ranked above negative reviews and comments. How are people selling this service, is it monthly or more of 'break fix' Battling engaging, negative pages in SERPs, and the length of time it takes to get positive pages across page 1?

A: It's important to work with your clients that are battling negative reviews to work with their happy clients to get them to share their success stories. If that means throwing in a $20.00 amazon gift card or a buy one get one free on their next purchase then it's entirely worth it. 99% of clients wait for it to be broken before trying to fix it and then they realize that even when it's fixed if you don't maintain then the negative content will reappear so it's a continuous service.


Richart gives us good insight in how he manages his clients within SERPWoo and offers a lot of advice in the Q&A section.

We're actually going to go deeper and record a podcast with Richart in the coming weeks getting to know more about his process for online reputation management.

Would you like to ask Richart a question? Leave your comments below and we just might use your questions on the podcast.

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