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SERPWoo was created to answer the frustration traditional SEO rank trackers pose - only tracking selected URLs. That process did not give a clear picture of what's really going on in the top 100 search results for a niche.

We created the most powerful data-driven SEO analysis tool to fill in those gaps. Using 3rd party metrics, deep understanding algorithms, and a powerful user friendly interface, backed by our comprehensive API, you can now unleash the full potential of the SERPs and use deep data to create more profitable online campaigns.

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Quick Glance

Quick Glance

Old school rank tracker functionality with new innovative twists - find out what's moving up and down within seconds.

You can now monitor your domains within the top 100 results of the SERPs, regardless of whether it's regular, mobile, language specific, or locality specific (country/region/state/city level available).

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The SEO landscape has changed dramatically.
Google has switched to a mobile first & localized first philosophy.
We were the first to introduce new features, mobile & local functions, to keep up with the latest changes.

Local SEO w/Map Pack Rank Tracker Using GPS Coordinates

Local SEO Using GPS Coordinates

Select your city/postal code of choice (example Chicago, IL or 60607), and get the most accurate localized results as if you were right within the city.

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Mobile SEO Rank Tracking

Mobile SEO Tracking

You can now accurately monitor your mobile search engine results' positions.

SERPWoo was the first to include and continues to be the most accurate mobile tracking option.

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We will ALWAYS continue to innovate in order to showcase you a deeper level of data from your SEO campaigns.

SERPWoo's Keyword Finder is the fastest and most user friendly keyword tool on the market! And there is no additional charge for SERPWoo members!

Get started by entering a single keyword and it will pull the top 10 domains in the SERPs for that keyword and pull ALL their keywords as well. Keyword Finder will then pull the related terms for your single keyword and then display everything for you in an easy to understand format.

Our Keyword Finder is the ONLY Keyword Tool to bring you deep competitive URL level comparison. Basically when you enter a seed keyword you'll be able to find the most related terms based on other keywords the top 10 URLs are also ranking for - the more colored source dots the stronger the correlation.

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Spot New SEO Competition and Negative SEO examples

Spot New SEO Competition

You can now monitor all of the SERPs results for your keywords, allowing you to spot new competitors quickly and research their backlinks faster than ever before.

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SERP Archives

SERP Archives

SERPWoo monitors and store historical results of your keywords (SERP Archives) for you which you will always have at your finger tips.

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SERPWoo allows you the perfect "Set It and Forget It" monitoring.

Automated alerts are sent to you when there is strong movement, new competitors, and important SERP changes which affect your SEO campaign based on your selected sensitivity levels.

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Online Reputation Tracking

Online Reputation Management (ORM) Tracking

Watching your ORM campaigns has never been this easy. SERPWoo allows you to quickly assign tags to negative, positive, or neutral - no other tool has these unique options.

You can now watch the progress of your ORM efforts unfold before your eyes with visual satisfaction.

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Web 2.0 & Microsites

Discover New Web 2.0 Platforms

Spot new web 2.0s, social and viral sites, and what elite SEOs call barnancle / parasite / pumper sites. You will see what the best of the best utilize while gaining an upper-hand.

SEO Competition monitoring and analysis has never been this visually easy before.

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SERPWoo Customer Support

Responsive Client Support

We provide reliable support with a competitive edge. We pride ourselves on giving you a top-notch world class service which can only happen by listening to our customers.

To get quick replies simply click on the chat icon in the bottom right corner of your interface and we'll respond as soon as humanly possible (unless we're sleeping).

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