Published:  13th Jul 2023

Going Viral - ORM Series

Going Viral!!

They're amongst us. They? Who? Those who cannot be named.

Here is a question, are people getting more crazy OR is it that now everyone is filming with their phones we are starting to see how out of control people really are?

For the last several years I've been monitoring "Karens" and others who have had public freakouts, even before COVID lockdown messed with the mass' heads. I quickly start seeing these videos can have serious impact on the rest of people's lives.

Their career can be over, their future relationships, hell even future places where you live can be impacted by some crazy stunt. In the last episode of public freakouts, a lady claims a man is not real:

Side Note - That guy's eyes at the end went exactly where mine would have gone in that scenario. 😉

Now, the interest thing is readying the comments and conspiracy stories, someone pointed out that the lady looks like she's wearing a face mask. If you look at her neck it seems to revealing the line of the mask, or it's a necklace.

[ Que X-Files theme song ]

Well the really interesting part of this story is, with all the trolls, basement dwellers, and armchair experts - no one has been able to find this lady's name. I found that really odd. No mugshot of her from Dallas where the incident too place.

So is she not real? Is that man not real? Or are we so far in the matrix it's all just entertainment at this point?

Cigarette Smoking Man - X Files

And just to thrown another loop, Carrot Top was on that plane and he's got his version of events:

Carrot Top Was On The Plane

Full Story: Carrot Top was on the flight delayed by woman’s viral meltdown: ‘Crazy’

The reason I'm monitoring names of the public freak outs is to see what long-term impact their search results have. I can find parasite websites off of them, see which platforms are sticky and important to Google, and just find hidden gems.

But this lady, nothing.

No name.

[ Que X-Files theme song ]

Mistaken For A Karen

Another problem is several of the individuals I'm monitoring don't have unique names. So what I've seen is that other people will be impacted because they have the exact same name as someone that went viral, and THAT is another angle that people haven't considered.

There was an incident with "Lisa Alexander", who owns a skin care line called LaFace Skincare, and she confronted a San Francisio man and accuse him of not living in his own property. Well okay...

Lisa Alexander

The problem is another lady 300 miles away has a business called "My LaFace". The Lisa Alexander deleted HER website for LaFace Skincare and so when the online mob came to attack they attacked the wrong one.

The trolls flooded their YELP Reviews like no tomorrow.

Mistaken Identity - Online Reputation Management Problems

Here is the full story: Los Angeles business owner wrongfully accused after many confuse SoCal business with Lisa Alexander's skincare company

So even if you do NOTHING but have a common name, you can be still caught up in a massive reputation problem that can impact your life for years.

A lot of this very trouble because the average individual or small business owner normally cannot combat this without knowing beyond basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization), they need to know ORM (Online Reputation Management).

Online Reputation Management

The reality is ORM is more difficult than SEO. SEO is simply getting 1 URL to the top of the search engine results, hopefully #1.

With ORM you are trying to control the first 3 pages (Top 30 results) for the name of an individual or a business. That's literally 30x more difficult.

Something you are going to need for that is an ORM tracker like SERPWoo.

In this new series for the next several days and weeks we'll be talking about the ways you can monitor, combat, and control the top results for search terms you would like.

Stay tuned, and if you have any questions or topics you want us to touch upon just let us know within the IN-App messanger.

Oh and Budlight is going to be at the top of our list to talk about!

Talk about billions in disaster... Going to need FEMA funds to clean that up.

Budlight Online Reputation Disaster

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