Main Interface

When you login the first thing you'll come across is the Keyword Dashboard. Things can seem overwhelming at first glance but we've put this guide together to help you quickly get started. The Keyword Dashboard starts out with the default setting of the top 20 SERP results for your first keyword - but let's disregard that for now.

Let us concentrate on the overall interface, the elements you see on ALL panels within SERPWoo's members area:

In-App Client Support Chat

Client Support

A lot of the ideas and new features for SERPWoo come directly from customer feedback so if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions feel free to let us know! Simply click on the In-App chat icon in the bottom right corner and type away. Our staff will get alerted and reply to you once they are available.

Note: If you do not see the red chat support icon in the lower right corner of your interface it means you are blocking 3rd party websites or have an aggressive AdBlocker. Please whitelist and within your browser add-on since it is the only way to properly communicate with our team.

Right Sidebar - Projects View

Right Sidebar - Projects View

The right-hand sidebar contains your projects and sparkline graphs ( Positive sparkline: and Negative sparkline: ) showcasing your domains/urls progress.

You can click on any project and open the Quick Insight Data as well as Quickly Add new keywords or domains to a project .

SERP Alerts


SERP Alerts, Project Notifications, new Report PDF, and System notifications are stored within here .

As well - and according to your notification setting for your keywords and domains, when something happens within a keyword/domain you are monitoring that is significant, you will get an alert here.

To quickly clear the notifications press the CTRL + C keyboard buttons OR Option + C buttons works as well (On windows it's ALT + C and it's alternative I believe, it's been a while but the buttons opposite the "copy" command, but not using the shift button - 'someone ship me a windows keyboard stat!', that's enough riddles for today).

We've written more on the notification system here: Notifications & Alerts (old but informative tutorial).

Account Details

Account Details

Your account details are in the upper right corner of your interface. In the image example it showcases an "Agency2" level account with a keyword capacity of 250,000 keywords .

This user is currently utilizing 13,286 keywords out of their total capacity. Those 13,286 keywords are spread across 251 projects .

As you can see SERPWoo was built from the ground up to be fast and capable of processing alot of data for every one of our clients.

Quick Project Switch

Quick Project Switch

Right next to the SERPWoo logo you'll notice two dropdown menus. The first dropdown menu is a list of your current projects.

When you select one of your projects the 2nd dropdown menu will change to correspond with keywords within the selected project. Once you select a keyword you want to research, you can click on the Go   button and it will query the Main Dashboard with that keyword and display the relevant data.

You can also utilize this to switch to any of your non-hidden projects quickly by selecting the project and then clicking on the View   button.

Left Sidebar - Features

Left Sidebar - Features

The left-hand sidebar contains the major features of the platform.

To get started with SERPWoo with your own data you need to create a new project within the Project Wizard.

Keyword Finder: If you are looking for new SEO keywords we've got our powerful Keyword Finder available for paid users where you can even store Keyword Lists to help keep things organized.

Quick Glance: See old school type rank tracker data on where your domains/urls are ranking within the SERPs individually.

Account Settings & More: You can click on the "gear icon" to see more options regarding your account settings , your subscription, change your date format, join our affiliate program or gain access to our API platform .

The next guide is the project wizard guide. Here you will learn how to create your first project with your own keywords , track your domains' rankings, with options to set your location settings , language , and select your target country . Project Wizard Overview →

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