SERPWoo Interface Guide

Part 1 of the interface guide to SERPWoo
Updated29th Jul 2015
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SERPWoo Interface Guide

When you login the first thing you'll come across is the Main Dashboard, Things can seem overwhelming at first since the first pieces of data are the default keywords given to you as examples to try out the system. These default keyword do not count against your current keyword usage, they can easily be deleted later on (Delete Default Keywords) once you are used to the system.

Main Dashboard

Top Right Corner of Main Dashboard
Top Right Corner

We're going to break down the view, section by section (please note we are constantly updating the interface and user experience, so some of this maybe a little out of date if we've recently made updates - but the general look and feel will always be the same. We'll come back to update this guide often to keep up with the rapid changes).

We'll start out first with the top right corner:

Default Flag
Default Flag

Default Country Flag

In order from left to right, you see your default country's flag ( in our case) as the first icon. The default country allows you to quickly add keywords in certain areas of the interface without fiddling around with the setting.

(Screenshot of this in action within Project Wizard on the right)

Your default country changes by the amount of keywords you input from a specific country. For example once you have more Canadian ( keywords versus USA (, your default country will automatically change.

If this is your first time, you probably have zero keywords, so if you are an international customer once you enter 1 or more, the default country should change accordingly.

My Keywords Panel
My Keywords Panel

Keyword Panel

The 2nd icon is the keyword panel, this area will allow you to quickly see all your keywords, and even filter them by project, keyword, and make modifications to the Alert settings (notifications you get for the keyword). Inside this panel you will see the region for the keyword, OCI, Volume, Amount of Data, Amount of URLs Tracking, the Project, and notification setting for that keyword.

Notice in the top right corner of the screenshot, we have inputted "Be" to start filtering the keywords. We are only displaying 11 of the 47 keywords due to the filter. At any time you can click on the keyword and be taken to the Main Dashboard view of the keyword (sometimes called the research chart).

My Domains Panel
My Domains Panel

Domain Panel

The 3rd icon is the domain panel. It's similar to the keyword panel except it showcases strictly domains/urls you are tracking. You will be able to see the SERP Sighting amount, Alexa, 3rd party metrics, and the project the domain is in, as well as the alert settings.

My Reports Panel
My Reports Panel

Report Panel

The 4th icon is the report panel. Within the main interface there is a hyper-pink/red icon labeled "PDF" (see more to creating PDF report: Create A PDF Report).

PDF Icon

Once reports are generated you will get a notification and reports are saved in this panel. You can go back to this panel at any time to view past reports, download then and distribute them. (Coming soon, the schedule reports will also be available here).

Global Stats Panel
Global Stats Panel

Global Stats

The 5th icon is the Global Stats. This is one of the most loved panel by users. Here the global data (not just your own data, but all of SERPWoo's SERP data) is available to view. The beauty of this panel is you will be able to see the Global Volatility metrics (glossary volatility) for the last 60 days, as well as individual volatility metrics of different countries. This is an important section since you will be able to spot google updates, fluctuations, and determine if something major is happening within the SERPs globally, or just for your country.

Within the global stats, we also have a daily running list of the top web 2.0, parasite, social properties (link to spotting parasite article), and the top Alexa gainers (only monitoring under the 30K mark) so you can engage potential users on upcoming websites which are gaining massive new traffic - ride the wave.

In the lefthand sidebar of the global stats you can click and see a country by country view of the top sites for today (web 2.0s, social signals, parasites, barnacle site). This is great for ORM (Online Reputation Management), when you need to figure out what sites to utilize to gain good positive web profiles for your clients. For example you may notice that globally is usually in the top 3 for all countries, but in your country different properties hold the top 10 spots as well, so you can customize your ORM campaigns according to what's ranking high and most likely to rank within the targeted country.

Support Forum
Support Forum

Support Forum

The 6th icon in the top corner is the SERPWoo Support Forum icon. Here we talk about future updates to SERPWoo, ideas we are thinking about implementing, we also have a growing international crowd so there are sub-forums dedicated towards those specific crowds where customers can communicate using their own language.

The forum is the backbone of SERPWoo, and we are growing it along with the learning center to help users become better at SEO, ORM, and Reverse Engineering and utilizing SERPWoo.

Come on by and say hi, I, Carter, always check the forum daily, and am here to answer any and all questions.

A lot of the ideas and new features for SERPWoo came directly from the forum and customer feedback, so if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions feel free to stop by.

Feedback/Customer Support
Feedback/Customer Support

Feedback/Customer Support

The 7th icon is the support/feedback icon. Originally designed for reporting bugs, it has become the #1 way to communicate directly to SERPWoo staff and get a quick response when you have any and all problems.

Simply click on the icon, and input your question, comment, suggestion, and we will email you a response as soon as we have an answer.

One thing we pride ourselves on is our excellent support, and I am not simply stating that, simply ask around and you will hear of what fast and quick our friendly support is. The reason - we use SERPWoo for our own SEO/ORM and if you have an issue or any suggestions we want to fix them as soon as possible or help you out. We are here to grow with our customers and genuinely care about their success.

If you have a problem or spot a bug, we want to fix it, since SERPWoo should be the tool to alleviate the guesswork and confusion caused by doing manual review of the SERPs and competing within Google.



The 8th icon in the top right corner of the interface is our Notification/Alert system. When you create a PDF or get a reply from feedback a notification will appear there.

As well - and according to your notification setting for your keywords and domains, when something happens within a keyword/domain you are monitoring that is significant, you will get an alert here.

We've written more on the notification system here: Notifications & Alerts.

Account DropDown Menu
Account DropDown Menu

My Account

The 9th icon is the Account icon. Here you will see a Gravatar image of your account and can click to open the display menu.


We regularly make changes that effect users, so we log all changes, fixes, updates, and new features here so users can stay on top of what's going on for transparency and clarification of what we are working on.

My Account

The My Account option takes you to your account details. You will be able to see your profile, your recent logins, your email settings, and your general account settings (delete your account).

My Subscription

The My Subscription option will take you to your payment details for your paid subscription to SERPWoo. Here you will be able to see your Current Subscription, update your invoicing details, add a new credit/debit card, view payment history (within the payment history, you can click on any recent made payments and click, view, and print that particular invoice). If at anytime you would like to cancel your subscription simply click on the customer support icon and let us know to cancel your subscription. We process cancellations as quickly as possible once requested. You will get a confirmation once your subscription is cancelled and when your account will be downgraded to a free account.

Affiliate Program

The Affiliate project option takes you to your affiliate panel. We have a completely transparent affiliate program, which allows you to make monthly recurring income helping promote SERPWoo. More details on our affiliate program can be found here: SERPWoo Affiliate Program.


The next option is the logout option - that should be self explanatory.

2nd Row of top right corner

Second Row of Top Right Corner
Second row of Top Right Corner

Keyword Finder

We implemented the Keyword Finder right into the interface. Here you can quickly input a keyword you want to research, then select the google search engine region ( or for example), then get taken to the keyword finder. We'll have more about the keyword finder in a follow-up tutorial but for a quick rundown, to view the video on it and read some quick points on it's benefit: Keyword Finder Research Tool.

Keyword Amount

The next element to the right of the keyword finder is your stats on the amount of keywords you have. Remember, the default 19+ keywords you are given from the very start do not and will not count against your total.

As you load up keywords, this total will increase, if you need more keywords simply go to the "My subscription panel" and click on "Change My Plan" to upgrade to a higher plan at any time (Upgrade My Plan). Your subscription will be pro-rated for the next month with your new usage.

Part 2 of the Interface

Alright, I know that was a lot to take in, so give yourself a small break, and then when you are ready let's continue to Part 2 of the interface guide.

Part 2