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Published by CCarter on 29th Jul 2015

Part 2 - SERPWoo Interface Guide

  Part 1

In this part 2, we are going to explore the left side of the SERPWoo interface.

Leftside of SERPWoo Interface

The first thing you'll see at the top is the logo of SERPWoo. You can click on that at any time and be taken back to the Main Dashboard.

Right next to the logo you'll notice two dropdown menus. The first dropdown menu is a list of your current projects. When you select one of your projects the 2nd dropdown menu will change to correspond with keywords within the selected project. Once you select a keyword you want to research, you can click on the "Go" button and it will query the Main Dashboard with that keyword and display the relevant data.

Lefthand Sidebar

Next in order from top to bottom, you'll see links to the Main Dashboard, the Project Wizard, Quick Glance, Keyword Finder, SERP Compare, SERP Sightings, Projects, and Lists. We'll briefly go over what each link does when you click on one of them.

Project Wizard

To get started, you would first create your first project within Project Wizard. Once a project is created it will be listed under the "Projects" menu which is located further down the lefthand sidebar.

To get instructions on how to get started you can utilize our guide located here: Getting Started

Quick Glance

Quick Glance gives you the traditional rank tracker overview of your projects and where they are ranking for today, yesterday, last 7 days, 14 days, 28 days, 60 days, and 90 days.

You can easily export this chart as well. You'll also notice that within each individual project, there are mini-Quick Glances that are hyper-focused only on that particular project. They are great for helping you stay organized.

Keyword Finder

SERPWoo's Keyword Finder is one of the most powerful keyword tools on the market. We integrated Keyword Finder into SERPWoo so you can easily look up keywords, and then get extracts of the top 10 websites which are ranking for that keyword and then EXTRACTS ALL their keywords as well!

Keyword Finder is a unique tool that does what a lot of other keyword tools simply cannot do. Give it a try or learn more by visiting the official explanation page: Keyword Finder

SERP Compare

Taking cues from the competition, you can compare upto 5 domains at once with SERP compare.

You are able to compare 3rd party metrics, Social Signals, Domain Age, Alexa, and more.

This is the first stage of this tool, and it will continue growing as we take the comparisons to the next level.

SERP Sightings

We collect a ton of data on multiple domains and SERP Sightings is where you can see the data we've collected for each domain.

You will only be able to see YOUR keywords within your projects which are ranking for that domain displayed on the keyword interface (due to our user privacy policy); However we display the aggregated data we've collected and showcase the top SERP positions the domain is holding positions for.

SERP Sightings' power was seen in our now "infamous" blog post about the "Declining Traffic to,, and Other Scam Reporting Sites", which garnered international interest and buzz while starting an online dialog of the impact of these scam reporting sites on small businesses.


The next link is a expanding tree menu where you can view all your projects or view them individually to add, change, or update the keywords or domains within a project.

You will also be able to edit a project's setting to a degree.

When you select an individual project you will have access to it's mini-quick glance below the settings panel, so you can hyper-focus in on a project and the successes you are having.

In the coming future more insight will be built into the individual projects to get a better understanding of what's going on overall within each project for you.


The final tab is the Lists panel. Within the Keyword Finder tool, you are able to create lists of keywords if you do not necessarily want to track them, but just collect them, and then export them to whatever other platform you would like. We save lists for you here within this interface so you can easily go back to them at any time.


Now depending on the type of panel you are in you might see more additional options in the lefthand sidebar. These are designed to enhance your experience within that interface and give you as much details as possible to help you utilize SERPWoo.

This concludes a quick run down of the interface, As things progress we will be updating this guide, and if customers want more details about the individual interfaces, we will be making specific guides for them.

If at any time you have any questions or suggestions, don't forget you can always hit the feedback icon in the top right corner and let us know what you think!

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