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Published by CCarter on 29th Jul 2015

"No Data To Display" Fix

When you first look at SERPWoo, it can be a bit overwhelming, but the easiest way to get started is to input your first keywords through the Project Wizard. Once you input your keyword, depending on the load and time of day, the system will start gathering the SERP data, then the domain/url data for the top 20/30 websites ranking for each term. If you quickly go to one of your new inputted keywords, you might see one of two things, the first one is a screen like this, showing a single line of data:

New Keyword Entered

^^ That indicates today's data, the first day has started pulling like a traditional rank tracker. Now if SERPWoo has not pulled any data yet, you'll get the dreaded "No Data To Display" warning, that looks similar to below:

No Data To Display Apple Example URL Filter

^^ If this was the first 24 hours of you inputting your keyword this is normal.

However, if you notice we used the "Apple" keyword as an example, you'll see there is actual historical data of about 362 days with (underneath the USA flag and "Apple" keyword, top lefthand). If the keyword you are searching for is not a new keyword, like in the above example, it could mean that your settings are miss-matched.

In our above example notice the focus date is set to March 22, 2013. A date so far in the past, it was before SERPWoo's existence. There is no possible way to have data from that date, so the first thing you would do is change the Focus Date to today's date or sometime within the last 362 days.

If that doesn't work the final course would be to switch the URL Filter to "All URLs within the View Range". And hit the Go button - Like below:

No Data To Display Apple Example URL Filter

^^ That should display all data, and allow you to figure out a focus date that allows you to get back on course like below:

Displaying All Date Within The View Range

^^ Now you'll see "EVERYTHING" within the view range. Find a date within that range, like we do below:

Select A Date Within The View Range As Your New Focus Date

^^ In our example we selected March 21, 2015, and inputted it as our new focus date, then switched the URL filter to "URLs ranking on Focus Date". Then you should switch the "View Range" by clicking on the button, and moving the slider to my desired range:

Open View Range

^^ Afterwards clicked on the "Go" button. That resulted in the following:

New Focus Date Fixed

^^ Tada, all settings focus dates, filters, should all be back to the default view. This guide was a quick crash course on getting back to the normal default view when things go haywire when selecting certain filters or settings. But remember if it's only been 24 hours or less since you entered your first keyword then you probably will only see 1 day's worth of data like in the very first screenshot above.

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