How To Sell SEO Services with an 80% Close Ratio

Enter a single keyword and pull your top 10 Competitor's keywords and related terms all in under 5 seconds - for Free.
13th May 2015

Brian Tucker

Selling SEO to clients and prospects doesn't have to be hard, lack of data or preparation is really the deal killer, but when a business owner sees their competitors clearly ranking and making money off of lucrative SEO keywords, their mind starts to imagine all the possibilities.

In this video Brian Tucker goes over his sales strategy on how he now utilizes SERPWoo and has jumped to an 80 to 90% close ratio. He lays it out with easy metaphors and explanations.

With the right data, showcasing competitor details, it's no longer a YES or NO option, but now "How much will this cost?" Anyone selling SEO or attempting to market for marketing clients should take a look at Brian's incredible and eye-opening process.

About Brian Tucker

Brian Tucker is a multidimensional consultant who has helped companies of all types from global multibillion dollar corporations like Dell, CSC, United Airlines, British Petroleum and Brocade to government, mid-sized, and smaller local businesses implement marketing, sales, operations, and supporting technology solutions to drive massive growth.

He has a diverse background developing growth strategies and leading company-wide transformation initiatives in any department you can name in many business verticals. He also takes a special liking to local marketing, where he has helped countless types of smaller business drive change from top to bottom, ranging from hundreds of thousands to multimillions in added revenue and shareholder value.

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