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Learn how to announce new features.

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Announce New Features Guide

Announce New Features Guide

Your software is improving all the time... You’re battling your competition, moving fast, and listening to your users when they tell you what they need.

For a small set of loyal customers, your latest feature was the answer to their product prayers. (“Finally!” they collectively exclaim.)

For the rest of your customers — who are still learning your product’s existing functionality — that new feature doesn’t even exist.

A feature without an effective announcement and user onboarding strategy isn’t a feature at all. It’s wasted dev time and a layer of complexity for your users.

"Nobody cares about the thing you’ve designed unless you can get them past the beginning." - Julie Zhuo, Product Design VP @ Facebook

Developing new features is only half the battle. What comes next can make or break adoption. Whenever you improve your product, you’ve got to nail the feature announcement and user onboarding.

That means communicating relevant value with context — at the right time, with the right message.

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