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Creating "Compelling" Content

Now that I got all the small posts that were clogging up my head out of the way. We got the foundation of your sites build, your customer profiles created, your demographic trends researched, now it's time to create some "engaging" content - and here is the key, we are going to create content that's engaging for THAT particular platform we are trying to traffic leak.

Right now all your content ideas, are just that - random ideas, with no proven track-record of working or even being viral worthy. Just because you think something will hit, doesn't mean it will, and at the same time we aren't here to win New York Best Seller awards for being a top author.


Traffic leaks have NOTHING to do with generating original content. You CAN generate original content, but you have to master understanding clickbaiting headlines. Then you have to master trolling to understand how to navigate through muddy waters. Traffic leaks also have NOTHING to do with your on-site. It's best your on-site is on-point but regardless people don't know what they are going to get when they click through to your site.

If you have a one page lander that's just a sign-up form like I did with my old case study, - then so be it. But we fixed or are fixing your foundation so when traffic gets there you are maximizing the potential and building a growing audience - but regardless, traffic leaks at it's essence is just about moving traffic from one place to another. As you continue practicing different subtle and not so subtle methods, you'll get better and better and generating traffic on-demand until you can wake up and generate 100K to any website in the world within any niche within 24 hours, and not think twice.

This content creation is different, since it's not just about creating content you like or think your audience likes, and doing some bullshit keyword research like this is SEO, we're actually going to use research of what people like seeing in each platform.

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