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Learn the google images ranking factors.

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Google Images Ranking Factors

This text was taken from BlueHatSEO - that site is a little iffy at the moment so this was straight copied and pasted. There is a link to the original text at the bottom. There is no intro - again this is some ANCIENT scrolls lost in the sands of time, so here is my best attempt:

If you are looking to rank in Google Images there are certain formats that work best. Eli/BlueHatSEO did an experiment on what worked best and the results are below. There mighte be more golden gems at BlueHatSEO so go fishing!!

Perfectly Optimized Google Image Code
<p><img s rc=”images/keyword.jpg” alt=”keyword” />

Top Determined Factors
1) Keyword in same table cell as image.
2) Keyword below or above image in DIV or floating DIV.
3) Keyword in ALT tag.
4) Keyword in image name and image meta file summary.
5) Keyword in same paragraph as image.

Acceptable Code
<div style=”float:right”><img s rc=”image/keyword.jpg” /><br>keyword in more than 4 words and less than 10.</div>
<p>text blah blah</p>

Factors In Order Of Apparent Importance
1) Factors 2 and 5 equal
2) Factor 1
3) Factor 4
4) Factor 3
*Factor 3 assumed because it showed no distinguishable results in controlled tests.

Automatically Remove The Google Frame
<script language=”JavaScript1.1″ type=”text/JavaScript”>
if (parent.frames.length > 0) top.location.replace(document.location);</script>

Perfect Sizes
Small: 150×150 or smaller.
Medium: Larger than 150 x 150 and smaller than 500 x 500.
Large: 500 x 500 and larger.

Google Image Traffic Redirection .HTACCESS File
RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http:\/\/images\.google\. [NC]
RewriteRule .*\.$ cgi-bin/redirect.cgi [R,NC]

*If google images is sending you traffic you don’t want, you can use this code to redirect to a targeted advertiser. I have an affiliate site that sells lingerie. It gets tons of porn related traffic from Google images. They usually just realize it’s not a porn site and they quickly leave. So I looked at the most popular keywords used in Google Images traffic they send me and found a related porn sponsor and started redirecting all the users to my affiliate link. What do you know? Conversions!

Source: BlueHatSEO: Ranking Google Images

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