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Learn a quick understanding of what internet marketing channels to use.

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Internet Marketing Channels by SEMRush

Internet Marketing Channels to use - SEMRUsh

What channels do you use in your #DigitalMarketing strategy?

This graph reviews 4 of the popular marketing channels in terms of time/outcome ratio ☝️

🔎 SEO is not a quick fix. It takes time and presence in organic search isn't always something new site owners can wait on. When done properly, a well-optimized search engine strategy can help to achieve strong rankings and sustained results.

💸 Whereas a PPC campaign can be set up within minutes once you understand how it all works. Unlike SEO, where there’s no payment to start a campaign, you’ll need an initial budgetary investment to get started with PPC given that you'll be paying for ad clicks.

🤳 Similar to SEO, it takes time to develop your Social Media and PR strategy and presence, but those channels can contribute to both long-term and short-term results. In a short-term context, you can use these channels to manage your online reputation and distribute content right away. In a long-term context, you can use them to support lead generation activities, engage in online communities and build relationships.

There are no "bad" marketing channels, just poor planning and strategy. To save time and valuable resources approach each of the main marketing channels thoughtfully, with a timeline and make them work together.

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