GEM:Multiple Instances Within SERPs

Revealed are how domains and even URLs can appear multiple times within the SERPs.

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Single Pages with Multiple Instances Within the SERPs

Within the depths of the SEO Avalanche technique I showcase 2 interesting things that SEOs consider myth:

Controversy #1. A single domain can rank multiple times within a keyword's Google search results. Now logic might dictate to some that's not right, but it happens A LOT.

Domains having multiple instances

Controversy #2. A single URL can rank multiple times within a keyword's Google search results WITHOUT either being a part of the feature snippet or special data; straight organic: 1 URL having multiple positions.

No one wants to hear that...

Domains having multiple instances

BUT lets use my 2nd favorite person in the world, 1st being me of course; Natalie Dormer - same domains ranking multiples times:

Domains having multiple instances

Same URL ranking multiple times within the same keyword for MONTHS:

Domains having multiple instances

The one key difference is the description was different for the 2 positions, but the URL is the same.

Domains having multiple instances

Where are your SEO Gurus now?

Domains having multiple instances

How long did this one last? From January 11th to July 22nd, 192 days, that's more than half a year, that's no Google algorithm update anomaly.

Domains having multiple instances

The reason I know this is because when you are pulling SERP Data you have to have some sort of key to identify the data, Naturally it makes sense to have the URL as the key since, conventional wisdom suggest a URL cannot appear more than once within the Top 100 results - WRONG.

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