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Polarizing Content

This is an example of a marketing opportunity I took earlier today to show an example of how to think quickly on your feet:

"Google Out of Control - Google Wants Non Secure (HTTP) Sites To Have Warning"

Getting a bunch of people to talk about a polarizing topic on Reddit:

Knowing the audience of SEOs, I know there has been a big pain in the ass from the SSL nonsense from Google's propaganda, so when I saw this article it was a great opportunity for me to do some light 'trolling', I didn't even need to add much, just "Google Out of Control", and knowing that 90% or more of the subreddit had to deal with some SSL nonsense recently, this was sure to be a hot topic, so I just posted it, and let the crowd go wild.

What did I get out of it: Increased exposure for my brand on Reddit, a bit of points, but also seen as an authority by delivering fresh news - someone who's in and willing to engage and start constructive conversations. That's how you engage an audience, make them laugh, give them knowledge, or give them drama. If you can do one or more at a time, you've got a great recipe, and can continue that authority building. Once you are good enough and comfortable, that's when it's time to start dropping your own traffic leaks to your projects.

I also do this on Skype constantly, I'm a part of several large Skype chats - when there is downtime and I find something worth sharing I share it - the reason, I don't have time to participate on all those Skype chats everyday, so when people do see me, I'm usually giving them some knowledge, drama, or something useful. That gives them a warm fuzzy feeling, cause if they see me, they expect something good, not just nonsense and self-promotion. Every now and then, I'll drop some features I'm working on about SERPWoo to keep that in their minds too, but I'm not overly promoting it.

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