GEM:Zero Search Volume Traffic Keywords

Learn how to guesstimate zero search volume terms.

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GEM: Zero Search Volume Traffic Keywords

The data from some keyword tools may be old and/or not up-to date due to the nature of their sourcing. So example - something might be really hot right now, like, I dunno "COVID Zeta", yet several keyword tools will have 0 volume since it is so brand new. You can get around this by using Google Trends, which even allows you to localize to a city results:

Source: People Also Ask Tips For Local SEO‚Äč

You will not get search volumes but you'll be able to do comparisons, and if you know the search volume of a term like "braces" you can guesstimate the volume of lesser known terms.

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Additional Proof

Here is some further evidence that keywords with zero volume get traffic:

Zero Volume Keywords That Get Traffic

Source: Don't trust search volume metrics when doing keyword research!

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