Monitoring Brand and Phrase Mentions

The Problem

The internet is very fast moving. When the internet is "talking" about a brand it usually happens on multiple major platforms (Reddit, YouTube, or Twitter) before they hit Google search results.

But how can you easily get real-time mentions and stay on-top of current events happening around your brand or topic you are interested in?

Our Solution

We developed Monitoring to scan YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit along with Google to find the most recent results of a given phrase, keyword, or brand mention. Now you'll be informed about your mentions in real-time within your industry so you can stay one step ahead of everyone.

Scenario 1: A potential customer has asked questions about your brand on Twitter or Reddit. With SERPWoo Monitoring your marketing team will get alerted so they can jump in the conversation and help guide the potential customer along the right path towards a sale.

Scenario 2: You decide to monitor mentions of your competitors' brand and then can swoop in and give yourself as an alternative solutions versus your competitor. 😉

The potential is endless. If you need further ideas just contact us in the In-App messaging chat and we can help you with solutions we've come across.

Screenshot of Monitoring Mentions

Secret Sauce Usage:

1. Input your main brand as a keyword phrase.

2. Input 2-4 main terms within your industry that customers, clients, or users will use when talking about your brand or your topic.

3. Whenever your keyword phrase is mentioned use that as an opportunity to jump into the conversation and generate traffic and sales for you.

4. Report to stakeholders when something positive and negative are rising within the ecosystem of your industry so they can make decisions that help your bottomline.

As a result of monitoring important real-time platforms your company will be able to stay one-step ahead of the competition and react in real-time to the online conversations.