Keyword Finder is a research planner tool for keywords that is simple to use!

Why settle for a keyword tool that just pulls data from Google, or another API, and does alphabetical appendage to keywords when you can have the original keyword tool that spun the industry on it's head?

Keyword Finder Research Planner Tool

Why we made "another keyword finder research tool"

Many years ago, I gave up doing SEO in favor of PPC. The money was just better for that type of service back in 2004.

When I jumped back into SEO years later, I needed something that could give me quick and easy wins when it came to SEO keyword selection, so I decided to try a bunch of keyword research planners.

All of them sucked.

How did I know? Well I had just spent years head first into PPC and I knew certain terms were highly related to other keywords based on the amount of money we spent in PPC ( namely Adwords ).

Terms like Kinesiology for Exercise Science...

And in all of my tests to find a good keyword tool that could give me an edge, none of them returned keywords like Kinesiology when I entered in Exercise Science.

I knew there was a gap in the data and no one was accurately giving SEOs the data they need.

So I set out to change that.

Over the next couple of months, SERPWoo was born and our Keyword Finder tool was released. It was the first tool to accurately bring back related and similar keywords for any keyword you type in.

And just how did we do it?

Keyword selection is more than appending A, B, C ( etc ) to the end of keywords and bringing up the next related search.. which is what most keyword tools do.

It is also more than "related terms" at the bottom of Google or ISP click data.

So what we did at SERPWoo was, we decided to pull the top 10 websites ranking on the first page of your entered keyword, analyse the content on their page, and see what other keywords those URLs ranked for within Google.

Based on all of that data, we can determine the next best set of keywords to display to you that no other keyword finder tool could provide, because no one was actually looking at the SERPs for your chosen keyword.

Since we were also the FIRST and ONLY "SERP" tracker online, it just made sense to pair our SERP data with keyword data. Smart, right?

That's how you get a Kinesiology match, with the entered term of Exercise Science, and it was a game changer for the SEO keyword research industry.

Go ahead, watch a video on it below:

SERPWoo's Keyword Finder - Keyword Research Tool

Keyword Finder lets you enter a single keyword into out keyword research tool and pull the top keywords for your industry.

Then it will pull your Competitor's keywords and related terms for cross-comparison.

Keyword Finder is excellent for generating longtail keywords that no other keyword research tool can find.

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