How To Finding New Traffic Sources and Opportunities

Global Stats

We've hidden some gems inside SERPWoo that I want to talk about today. In order to continue helping users understand the SERPs, we've created the "Global Stats" page that any user, free or paid, can view at any time.

The Global stats has a break down of volatility within the SERPs (think Mozcast and Alagroo SERP monitoring). The volatility metrics have been used to monitor Google updates and changes that are happening.

As well have break down the volatility metrics by countries so you know what's going on within specific regions.

For example when a new Google update is occurring people notice that the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom are usually the first to see an increase in volatility then the other countries follow. The degree of volatility always fluxes, but big increases are usually noticed in brighter colors.

Global Volatility

Below the main global volatility, is "Today's Top Sites". These include famous sites, web 2.0s, social signals, parasites, and more. You can tell what dominates the SERPs by going down this list. There are broken down "Top Sites" for each country as well, accessible in the lefthand sidebar menu by countries. So if you are in Australia, you can see what Top websites are ranking in Australia, and compare them against New Zealand or the global version.

Global Stats Top Sites Overview

Today's Alexa Winners

Now here is where the fun starts, recalling our Barnacle/Parasite guide, you can see that Youtube, Wikipedia, Facebook, and twitter are amoung the top websites.

All of these websites have internal search engines which you can utilize to gain traffic from by commenting or interacting with users within your niche who are in these respective websites.

You can utilize any of them and since they have authority AND traffic, you can gain both for your own website by interacting and linking from them to your main site.

That's just the first step, the real juicy data is "Today's Top Alexa Winners". These are websites that are under 30K in Alexa, meaning they are in the top 30K most visited websites in the world.

"Today's Winners" are websites that are now in the top 30K which have increased extremely high in new traffic in the last 24 hours. This could be a signal they are going viral, or there is a hot story that you can leverage off of. What's critical is most websites on the internet allow for user interaction, so if you see, like in our example, increasing that quickly you can essentially traffic leak relevant traffic - if you can interact on that domain, to your own domain.

Since the website is increasing in traffic and maybe authority, you are riding their current wave and able to generate traffic to your own site if you can interact with their new visitors correctly.

Today's Alexa Losers

Traffic leaking it self is an art form that I created a whole website around -, but it consist of going where your targeted visitors are and drawing some of that traffic to your own website, the key is relevancy. The topics and discussions you create have to be relevant enough so users will follow your links or search for your brand online.

I visit the Global stats daily to see what's going on within the SERPs, and see what opportunities I might be able to spot within the Top Alexa Winners.

We also display the top Alex losers as well, since those might be places that might also have unknown opportunities as well.

Also be careful, the domains are not filtered, so you will see adult related domains and other crazy things. consider what you click might not be NSFW (Not Safe For Work), or dodgy at times, since these are websites that are increasing rapidly in traffic for some reason.