How To Detect An Algorithm Shift, Penalty, Negative SEO, And Normal Fluctuations

In this video, Jason shows you how he researches new competitors and prevents issues from hitting the first page SERPs. Knowing about your competitors early gives you a huge advantage before they rank on the front page with you.
17th May 2018

Jason Brown

In this video, Jason goes over how he uses SERPWoo to find out what's going on with his rankings and how he can determine what to do next. Ever have a hard time trying to determine if someone just did negative SEO on your website? What if you needed to detect if you got penalized or if an algorithm change has dinged your client's website? I take you by the hand and show you easily how you can spot these issues with SERPWoo, the original SERP tracking tool for serious online marketers. Never worry if "it's just you" or the whole SERP again.

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