Published:  15th Dec 2020

Facebook Warnings Users About Slow Websites

Facebook Warns Users About Slow Websites

As one of our loyal SERPWoo user stated "Great, Lets be the head not the tail..." about page speed.

I've been ranting and raving for awhile now about Page Speed, you guys need to get those numbers up. I'm satisfied with 80+ for Mobile and 90+ for Desktop using Google's Pagespeed Insights Tool.

Well now Facebook has started warning it's users about slow loading pages when clicking on an outbound link.

Via the Twitter-realm it seems now Facebook is tackling slow loading websites by issuing warnings to users that attempt to visit a slow loading page:

My own experience with this is when I'm on Instagram and click a sponsored link open to an eCommerce site and it takes 30+ seconds to load, I'm on mobile but I'm also on WiFi so it's not me...

Related: back in 2017 Facebook announced that it started to rank links to slow-loading pages lower in people's feed: Facebook’s algorithm will estimate how long it takes a page to load from its mobile app and use that information when ranking people's feeds

The timing of this is the interesting part since Google has recently announced that Page Experience will be a ranking factor come May 2021. I did a quick breakdown about it earlier this month: Understanding Google's Page Experience Search Signal

As we find out more details about Facebook's approach we'll update this page.

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