Published:  10th May 2022

Steal 'People Also Ask' Answers

Steal The 'People Also Ask' Answers From Competitors

You can now export the "People Also Ask" questions, answers, and the source URL for ALL keywords within your Desktop projects:

People Also Ask Answers

You can see how many times a particular question is asked within the keywords for your project. This can help you figure out what questions to steal and use to gain additional visibility within Google.

But we take it a step further, you can also see the answers and the URL source of the answers:

People Also Ask Answers

And then we just went all in and allow you to export everything:

People Also Ask Answers

So What Can You Do With This Data

  1. Research your competitor's URLs which produce People Also Ask Answers.

    Look at the structured data, the HTML code, the social signals, page authority metrics, and understand why Google is giving each competitor these coveted positions.

  2. Create content that answers major questions within your industry/topic.

In our example we are monitoring questions about Celebrities - if we rank a Celebrity site like, we would be able to create content that answers these questions and bully our way into the People Also Ask sections with our page authority and gain even further visibility.

Think about it, if TMZ starts targeting these PAA questions - how easily will it be to overtake a majority of the domains that very few people go to on a daily basis - when compared to TMZ.

If you got the power USE IT!


Something to also note: there doesn't seem to be a limit on how many of your answers show up within a particular section. So far we've seen examples of a single domain answered 2 or more questions, especially if the competition is weak.

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