Published:  15th Dec 2022

SERP Anomalies

New Feature: SERP Anomalies

Hey WooNation,

We've got a massive announcement for everyone. SERP Anomalies are here!!!

All Projects View

All Projects View

Within the All Projects View you now see some new columns (all customizable):

The circled green columns are the ranking positions. Like the old V3 interface, you can now see how many top #1, #2-5, #6-10, and #11-20 ranking positions each project has. This is all customizable, so you can switch on and off columns now.

The circled pink column are the "Anomalies" - here we go...

SERP Anomalies

Well, let's start with one user that noticed it some weeks back and what they thought:

Customer Testimonal

As the customer noted above this new feature allows you see a bird's eye view of ALL activities within the keywords of your SERPs.


We automatically monitor everything and you can filter by domain or keyword. In the above customer testimonial he states he was able to see a competitors drop for a single term that could change the course of their life. Now if there is a domain taking a major hit wihin your keywords you will automatically see it.

What do I mean? Let take a look at some roofer example:

SERP Anomalies Example

Here you'll can see several domains have dropped within the keywords for this project. One of them is this particular roofing company:

SERP Anomalies Closer Look

Using the filter you can see all the terms that were impacted during this "Anomoly" for this domain. This is perfect to look at during and after a major Google algorithm update. You will know the EXACT keywords your competitors dropped for and how much - without needing the leg work of hunting.

Anomalies Filter

The current set of Anomalies are for domains/URLs dropping significantly. We are working on other sets of anomalies, and based off of your feedback we want to bring customizable scenarios to detect your own set of anomalies.

But we need feedback for that!!

To see if you have any current anomalies login to your projects and click the "SERP Anomalies" tab:

SERP Anomalies Tab

Also this might be a good time to plug - the more keywords inside your projects the better, you'll have a wider overview of what's going on within your keywords' SERPs.

If you have any questions just let us know within the In-App Messaging system!

We're here even on Weekends!

To the top of the SERPs,
Carter & Jason

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