Published:  11th Nov 2019

Introducing SERPWoo Monitoring - Monitor Your Brand Or Someone Else's

Social Media Listening Tool

Listen For Mentions Of Your Brand, Or Spy On Your Competitors

Hey WooNation,

Have you tried our newest tool, "SERPWoo Monitoring"?

It's the easiest way to quickly scan the Internet for mentions of keywords you are interested in.

So who is it for?

  • Brands wanting to monitor the web for mentions of their name.
  • ORM professionals looking to do damage control as topics begin.
  • Marketers looking to jump into their competitors conversations online.
  • SEOs that are looking for easy links and traffic leaks.
  • Anyone wanting to "listen to the web" and get digital insights.

And while several 3rd party tools exist to help you do a similar task, I couldn't find any that would help me track more than just social media channels ( Twitter ), or track specific social media channels I was interested in besides Twitter.

Many of these tools missed mentions of SERPWoo on the general web, or would find it a week later when the topic was now cold.

One even let me track 1 keyword for free, but then told me I could only get 250 results a month. And when I got to the 250 result limit, told me I wouldn't get any more alerts that month and just had to sit on the sidelines.

What a terrible idea. Limit your customers over something they have no control over?

Weak sauce if you ask me, especially if they thought that would make me want to upgrade to their paid service!

So I did what any self-respecting entrepreneur that can code would do, I built my own little BETA service and added it to SERPWoo so you could enjoy it too.

Here's an example where I found someone talking about us on Reddit. If I had more time, I could have jumped into the conversation and added some info.

Monitoring Reddit Mentions

Here is an example of one of our competitors where I could have jumped in as well and leaked some traffic back to SERPWoo.

Monitor Competitor Mentions

Maybe I want results about a competitor that also include another term, but not another competitor. You know, to refine what I am looking for.

Monitor Another Competitor

And when you really need to hone in on the right results, we allow you to add in 5 negative terms to weed out results that match your term, but aren't really what you are looking for.

View Sentiment

At the moment, we allow you the ability to monitor up to 5 terms at once. And we have no silly "250 results a month" limit either. Who wants to be limited in life?

Actually, we have no set limits on the amount of results you get monthly for any of your terms!

We display the last 30 days of results online, right in SERPWoo. You can see everything as it comes in and can filter it by platform, and also filter by positive or negative keywords that you input.

We offer an export option for those of you that want your results for the last 90 days and in CSV format.

And for being a loyal paid member of SERPWoo, you get all this for free. No extra costs!

We will be working on more features in the coming months. You know, stuff like improved alerting and sentiment analysis. Maybe project settings and PDF reports, etc. Important big brand type stuff.

Paid members of SERPWoo are already using the tool to keep up with their brand, clients, and competitors. Essentially ditching ineffective and expensive 3rd party services that use to do this task for them.

Not a paid member of SERPWoo?

I feel for you.

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