Published:  11th Jul 2021

2021 Vs Anymail Finder Compared Vs Anymail Vs Anymail

There is a common perception that making sales online is an easy way out as opposed to making sales the old-fashioned way. However, whoever has done sales online knows the highly tedious and time-consuming processes that go on in the background.

If you are in the online sales or internet marketing world, you have probably had to spend hours writing relentless emails and reaching out to hundreds of different people for every click and every purchase someone makes of your product.

Though the tasks involved in reaching out to potential customers and collaborators are essentially of a simple nature, it is the volume of outreach that often becomes challenging.

Finding contacts and sending emails in bulk is not only tedious but can also make you lose out on precious time you could be spending on other productive aspects of your business.

However, online outreach does not need to be such a laborious and time-consuming process. There are various aspects of outreach that can be automated and good software will help you minimize the time you take to do simple actions in bulk.

Software is available for sourcing and collating email addresses from different organizations, sending emails in bulk and finding other relevant information you might need in order to reach out to multiple people at once and ensure that your content reaches those who are likely to be interested in your product.

There are many such tools out there in the market with a variety of features and at a variety of price points. However, it can be challenging to understand which software is right for your business according to your needs and budget.

Our team has reviewed two such extremely popular tools that are well respected in the field and used by different businesses. and AnyMail Finder are both great options for your outreach needs.

We have analyzed their features and compared them to help you understand if any of them has any advantages over the other and which one of these two tools is suited for the needs and budget of your business.

Keep reading to find out more about and AnyMail Finder and their features, advantages and disadvantages. is an email marketing software that is designed to make the outreach process streamlined and straightforward. Founded in 2015, this company quickly won over the hearts of people in the industry and became a foremost name in email marketing services.

The company prides itself on its simplicity and this shows in its design. provides various functions such as finding email addresses under any domain name, finding the email address of a particular professional or author and verifying any email address. makes outreach and marketing very easy through bulk actions that reduce the time required to do simple tasks. also provides add-ons for Google Sheets and your browser. also provides a basic setup for running email marketing campaigns and aids the process of cold emailing.

Let’s see what the functions of are and how useful they are.

Features allows you to enter the name of any domain and gives you all the email addresses associated with that website. This is an excellent feature if you are looking to reach out to a more prominent name in your industry and make connections.

Not only does it give you the email addresses, but notably also collates a number of other important data points such as whether the email address is a personal or business email ID, which department the professional works in and what their designation is.

This can be extremely useful in making sure you are sending out your outreach material to someone who can convert it into action through their position in their company.

Hunter also verifies all the results that are showing and will provide a list of sources from where the email addresses have been gathered so that you can avoid spam emails and unreliable information.

The simple and streamlined design allows you to save each of the email addresses you get as a lead which you can then use to complete bulk actions. You can also directly send an email to the address after you find out or export all of the email addresses to another document. provides simple systems for you to manage all your bulk actions. There is a customer relationship manager dashboard where you can collate all your leads and filter them according to any criteria depending on what you need at a given moment.

You can keep track of who you have emailed, who has responded and so on. also has an email campaign manager where you can send bulk emails and schedule follow-up emails and responses. has a verification feature for you to verify leads you have collected in the past. This will allow you to check easily whether the email addresses you have are still functional and will save you tons of time that could have been wasted on reaching out to dead ends.

Besides these functions, will also smoothen your daily workflow. For example, a Chrome extension allows you to search and verify leads while you might be surfing websites and there is also an option to upload the leads directly onto a Google document. has different price packages depending on the volume of work you will do with the software. There is a free package that offers 50 email searches and 50 email verifications per month.

The lowest price for a package is $50 for doing 500 email searches and 500 email verifications.

The highest price for a package is $400 for doing 30,000 email searches and 30,000 email verifications.


● is extremely easy to use and there is almost no learning curve for using it.

● makes it very simple and convenient to carry out outreach tasks in bulk.

● It provides reliable and verifiable information so that you can make sure the leads you get are legitimate.

● collects essential data points that can help you filter and prioritize leads according to your needs.

● It offers a free trial of 50 email searches to anyone who signs up so that you can make an informed decision.

● is known to have highly prompt customer service with the developers always available for a live chat on the website.


● The cost of plans might be too much for small businesses.

Best Suited For is suited for those businesses who want a simple software that will help them take care of their email marketing without much of a learning curve. It has an extremely simple and convenient design that will help you make the best use of your time.

It is also suited for those businesses that want to do simple email marketing campaigns but in large numbers. Since the price packages are based on the volume of tasks you want to do, any size of business can find the right package for themselves.

Why You Should Choose

Though is not the cheapest email marketing tool on the market, it charges a small price for the seamlessness and smoothness it will bring to your daily operations.

With, you will be able to save a lot of time in your marketing and outreach campaign without the additional hassle of customizing and learning how to use the software effectively. will help you make relevant connections and reach out to people who can make a real difference in your sales. In addition, you will be able to choose a package priced according to your needs rather than having to pay for functions you won’t use.

AnyMail Finder

AnyMail Finder was founded in 2015 when two email marketing companies and Makesmail merged. Anymail Finder is an email searching tool that prides itself on the accuracy of its results and the simplicity of the tool.

Like, AnyMail Finder also allows you to find any email address if you can enter a name and domain name. However, this tool focuses on functions related to finding email addresses and names and does not offer too many additional features.


The primary function of AnyMail Finder is to search for email addresses. If you have the domain name for any business, you can do a general search for all the domain names associated with that domain name.

However, AnyMail Finder does not do a live scan when you search for a domain name and instead shows results based on what it has searched from before. As a result, the number of email addresses is often fewer than the actual number of email addresses that exist at that moment.

AnyMail Finder can also be used to find the email address of a person if you can enter their name and their domain name. The software creates different patterns from the two fields and then checks with the server to find the most current and verified email address.

However, AnyMail Finder focuses on providing email addresses and only that. It does not offer any additional information or data points such as job position, department and so on to ease the process of outreach.

AnyMail Finder only charges for the email addresses that are verified and offers bulk searches as long as you can upload a document with all the details for the domain name and the names of the professionals you are looking for.

You can upload up to 50,000 entries and AnyMail Finder will automatically return results for email addresses so that you can use your time more productively in other functions of your business.

AnyMail Finder offers a free trial of 20 verified email searches and its price packages start at $49 for 1,000 email searches.


● Though Anymail Finder offers price packages that are not very cheap compared to other options in the market, their pricing scheme is very reasonable.

● They only charge for verified email results and if you don’t use all the searches you have paid for in any particular month, your credits can carry over to the next month.

● Anymail Finder is known to have prompt and helpful support and customer service.


● AnyMail Finder returns a much fewer number of results for email addresses when you enter a domain name since it does not do live searches and shows old results.

● AnyMail Finder focuses only on email addresses and fails to provide other extremely crucial information such as the name of a professional, their position in the company, their department, etc.

● AnyMail Finder does not offer any additional services such as direct email campaigns, customer relationship management and so on that can help you transition smoothly between generating leads and doing outreach.

Best Suited For

AnyMail Finder is best suited if you are looking to conduct email searches in bulk but have other systems in place for the rest of your digital marketing and outreach plan.

If your company is doing searches in large numbers, then the chances are that you are also susceptible to a lot more false or unreliable results. In that case, AnyMail Finder is a good option so that you can only pay for email results that will actually result in some benefit for you.

Why You Should Choose AnyMail Finder

The most distinguishing feature of AnyMail Finder is its pricing scheme which you should pay attention to if that is your priority. AnyMail Finder will help you make the most of your marketing budget, especially if you have fluctuating needs and will not need to make the same volume of searches every month.

Due to its unique searching technique, where it creates different patterns with a given domain name and professional’s name and then verifies the emails with the servers, it is able to provide results that are often missed by other software.


What Is a Verified Email for AnyMail Finder?

AnyMail Finder only charges you for verified email addresses it can find. Verified emails are those that have been validated with the domain server and that have a low bounce rate.

What Are the Details That Can Be Found through a Domain Search on

If you enter a domain name in, it will return all the public email addresses associated with that domain along with several valuable data points. These details include full names, phone numbers, job titles, Twitter profiles and Linkedin profiles.


Both these email marketing tools are well regarded in the market for different reasons and both have their respective pros and cons.

However, through our analysis, we have found that offers several additional features that will ease your process of digital marketing and outreach without burdening you with unnecessary settings.

Simply getting hundreds of email addresses in bulk will not be very useful and going through them and sorting them will be an additional cumbersome task that will make you lose more time and money than you save.

The additional data points provided by can help you generate leads that are actually productive since you can find people in positions that matter in any organization rather than reaching out to dead ends. has received many positive reviews from users who have tried it out. As one user wrote, “So far my experience is very positive and we can manage our leads fully within Hunter.”

Though AnyMail Finder offers an impressive pricing scheme, it falls short on all these other features. It does not provide any data points except the email addresses and, in many cases, returns far fewer results from domain searches than

Though AnyMail only charges for verified results, it often does not have any verified results and this can be challenging to work around. One user commented, “It only comes back with a verified email address less than 50% of the time in recent months.”’s progressive pricing scheme will help you ensure that you only pay for the results that you need. Its integrated customer relationships management tools and email campaign platform will help you streamline your process. You can base almost your entire digital marketing outreach campaign on this one tool.

Hence after weighing all the pros and cons of both and AnyMail Finder and analyzing both of their features, we would recommend for your digital marketing and outreach needs because of the simplicity and smoothness it will no doubt add to your business.

From all its reviews and functions, it is apparent that leaves very little for you to worry about and most of the things you need for your outreach plan are taken care of. Though the price of is higher than AnyMail Finder, the interface and convenient workflow are more than worth the price tag, in our opinion.

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