Published:  14th Jul 2021

2021 Vs Rocketreach Compared Vs Rocketreach vs Rocketreach: All You Need to Know

With the changing technological landscape, the way businesses grow and attract customers has also undergone a big change, particularly in the last few years.

If you are a small business that is looking to grow itself, chances are you might be consistently on the lookout for tools that can help you do that better.

This is because some of these tools really help you reach a larger audience that would be otherwise difficult if not impossible. It also helps you monitor your goalposts and better manage audience expectations while also being motivated to do better.

Benefits of Using an Email Finder

There are several benefits of using an email finder. If you are still considering if you should avail their services, read on their many benefits.

Lead Generation: If you are a small or medium business owner, you would be familiar with the frustrating process of lead generation. Though there is a lot of data available online, most of it is not authentic and verified.

If you use an email finder, you would be getting hold of leads and that too verified ones. This will definitely be beneficial for your business.

Integrated API: Several email finders have integrated API access that makes the process of collecting emails and contacts easy and stress-free.

Quick and Easy Access: Availing the benefits of an email finder gives you quick access to contacts that you wouldn't have otherwise. The effort is minimal and the results are wonderful!

Saves Time and Money: Email finders are a great way to save time and money. Services such as even have wonderful free plans that give you access to a host of services. Besides, the email finders save a lot of time on lead generation and you can actually focus on the more important aspects of your work.

Things to Know about Rocketreach

To begin with, Rocketreach is a web-based tool that gives you access to the details of millions of people who may be potential customers for your products or services. It is an effective email search engine that puts at your disposal contacts that can in turn help grow your business.

It comes with a number of reporting and search tools that help you grow efficiently. Its key offerings are Salesforce and Zapier integrations that help you manage your work on the go.

Rocketreach has multiple plans, so you are free to use one that suits your needs. As the pricing goes up, more features are added to the more premium plans. If you want to try the service, you can opt for the beginner pack that starts at $59 per month and gives access to unlimited team members.


Some of the key features of Rocketreach include:

● Has an option of exporting data helping you create an internal repository for future use.

● It has a multi-user interface that works well for teams and businesses.

● It is powered by an API-led architecture and offers Google Apps integration.

● Allows external integrations.

● Its database helps you reach customers you could never reach otherwise. They are going to be immensely resourceful in designing and driving outreach campaigns.

● The marketing support offered by Rocketreach includes finding prospects, creating lists and databases and tracking the success of campaigns effectively.

● Its workflow integrations help you track and monitor multiple things from the same space decluttering your working style.


There are many pros of Rocketreach. Some of these include:

● It has a team account option that makes it easy to use as opposed to a single-person account that adds to complexities in case of absences and leaves.

● It has a number of search features that give you a number of options to grow your business. Some of these include emails from names and bulk domain searches.

● The ease of running email campaigns via the platform.

● The ease of usage makes it a great service. You can easily set it up and use it smoothly without major hiccups.

● It offers a number of filters that make skimming through information easy. This is particularly useful when you are in a rush and need to find something urgently.

● An accurate algorithm that is constantly on the lookout for updated information.

● The internal search function is a breeze to work with.


Like any service, Rocketreach comes with its own set of disadvantages. Some of these include:

● It is not value for money. Some customers have raised concerns about the service being pricey and not exactly offering value for money.

● The contact information it provides has been found to be inaccurate at times. This is actually something they should work on because faulty information makes the service counterproductive.

Who Is It Best Suited For?

Digital marketing professionals are best suited to gain from all that Rocketreach has to offer. It is also suited for small and medium businesses that are looking at a targeted audience to drive sales.

Alternatively, if you are looking to set up a business or organization and want access to people who you can rely on to walk with you on your journey, you may benefit from their exhaustive database and easy-to-use interface.

Here is what customers of Rocketreach have to say about it after using the service:

Why Should You Choose Rocketreach?

Now that you have a comprehensive view of the features, pros and cons of Rocketreach, you are in a much better position to decide if this is the service for you.

Let us make this easy for you and tell you three things that can sway your decision in the favor of Rocketreach.

If You Are a Recruiter: If you want to find the best candidates to work for you or with you, you should rely on Rocketreach. The advanced search options and real-time validated emails will help you land the right candidate using their expertise.

It Has an Enviable Client Base: For a number of people, word of mouth and client reputation are supreme. When it comes to Rocketreach, it is trusted by giants such as Apple, Google and Facebook that gives its reputation a huge boost.

Privacy Is Paramount: Rocketreach wins brownie points on its commitment to privacy. This is something many people care about given we are in an age where data privacy almost seems to be a myth. Rocketreach doesn’t share your information with anyone and keeps your identity and payment information discrete.

Rocketreach FAQs

People have a lot of questions around Rocketreach. Some of the most commonly asked questions include:


What Kind of Customer Support Is Available for Rocketreach?

Rocketreach has stellar customer support and their team is always eager to help you out should you feel stuck at any point in time. The modes you can use to get in touch with their team include email, live chat and phone calls.

What Platforms Does Rocketreach Support?

If you are a Chrome user, you are good to go with Rocketreach. It is also available on Google Sheets as an add-on.

How Accurate Is the Information Provided By Rocketreach and Can I Trust It?

Rocketreach prides itself on its accuracy. It also has thirteen patents in high-profile data mining that they consider boosts their profile immensely.

Things to Know about is an ideal tool for helping you optimize your business and its outreach process, generate leads and undertake targeted email outreach plugins. It has an easy-to-use interface that familiarizes you with the process in merely a couple of uses thereby saving time on learning the complexities.

The platform—cloud, SaaS and web based—appears to be a huge advocate of minimalistic style and more work. All the options are self-explanatory and get the job done in a few clicks. offers API access and can be used with Chrome, Google Sheets and can also be installed on apps and crawlers. The pricing starts at $50 per month for the basic model, while the more premium ones can set you back by $400 per month.

It also offers up to 50 free searches every month. But the number of features that you get is totally worth it.

Features has a number of features that makes it a great service to use. Some of these include:

● It has an incredibly easy-to-use domain search feature. All you need to do is to put a website in its search feature and you will get all the emails registered on that domain. This helps you catch hold of emails that you wouldn’t otherwise.

● If you met someone socially and forgot to take down their details, fret not. might have the perfect solution for you as long as you remember their name and the firm they work at. When used in tandem with domain search, it is a potent feature.

● It helps you verify emails with a few simple steps. This is important if you are trying to reach someone but hitting the wrong address over and over again.

● The bulk task features help you undertake a lot of work easily. These include running performance checks, searches and verifications for a number of email addresses.

● Its customer relation management dashboard is multifaceted and can help you organize your emails better, thereby decluttering work when you want to launch an outreach or marketing campaign.

● It has a campaign management feature that lets you run campaigns effectively. The lack of complexity gives it a distinctive edge.


There are a number of benefits associated with choosing Some of these include:

● It is incredibly easy to find email contacts by targeted domain research.

● The chrome extension is handy and lets you do the work quickly and easily.

● It is incredibly easy to use sans any complications and complex procedures.

● The price point is a delight and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. Its free version is also a delight to work with that comes with a host of services. This is something you aren’t going to find elsewhere. When the free service is so good, imagine the benefits you will get with paid services.

● It has a host of cold email templates that can help you reach prospective leads effectively and quickly.


Though there are a host of benefits of, it is only fair to list some of its disadvantages to help you make a fair choice. Though overall it is a great service, some of its cons include:

● is not compatible with LinkedIn that may be a bummer for few users.

● The platform is known for not only deducting credits for email generation but also for validating the generated emails. This may be steep for a few, especially small and medium business owners.

Who Is It Best Suited For? is best suited for businesses and individuals who are looking to scale up by undertaking massive outreach campaigns. Sales and marketing professionals stand to gain from the service because of its exhaustive use of resources.

It also works for recruiters and headhunters who are looking to make connections and grow their network.

Testimonials from users usually have great things to say about the service. You can read some of the testimonials here:

These user experiences showcase how satisfied customers are after using the service and different consumers have found different offerings beneficial.

Why Should You Choose has a number of features that make it indispensable. However, the top reasons you should choose include:

● The reliable email database of leads that it helps to track and build. It is also a great way of finding phone numbers, should you need those.

● The incredibly easy-to-use interface that takes care of the functionality leaving you time for dedicated work.

● The bulk features save you time and effort while generating verified leads. FAQs

If you are a prospective user, you may have certain questions. We take you through some of the most commonly asked questions around this service.


How Serious Is Hunter.Io for GDPR and Privacy Concerns?

This is a question that is key for several users considering the daily reminders we get of breaches in data privacy. When it comes to, it is fully compliant with GDPR and all data protection laws.

However, a lot of times the breaking of GDPR laws happens by the user and not the service provider. Users must ensure that they abide by the laws.

What Type of Customer Support Is Available at Hunter.Io? has a number of resources and tutorials to help you get started. In addition, there are a lot of templates you can use that would make your work easier.

Besides, they have a dedicated team that would answer your queries should you need their assistance. You have the option to reach their customer support executives via live chat, phone and email.

How Many Accounts Can One Create on Hunter.Io?

This allows adding only one account as more than one account is in violation of its policy. vs Rocketreach: The Verdict

There are a number of email finder tools available in the market. Though all tools make tall claims, there is no denying that wins over them all by a fair margin.

The areas that wins over Rocketreach include:

Pricing: Hunter is cheaper and has way more options suited for firms of different sizes and needs. It also doesn’t have a coin or credit system that makes its competitors more expensive.

CRM: has a more robust and solid CRM when compared with Rocketreach.

Ease of Use: There is no denying that ease of use makes a huge difference in trying out any new service. There is no comparison to when it comes to ease of use. It has an interface that screams efficiency and minimalism.

If you are a freelancer, small business owner wanting to scale up your operations or scope of work, can be your companion. In fact, when compared with Rocketreach, it is more suited to small and medium businesses.

It helps you plug into different domains and generate leads that can help you scale up your business or service. Rocketreach, on the other hand, is more suited to bigger companies with deeper pockets.

The Final Word

The right email finder can make a huge difference in your business. If you go with an effective finder, you will save time and resources and also succeed at creating verified leads. This is certainly going to create a proliferating business or service.

This is why you must spend some time researching what fits your needs and then choose accordingly. When we compared several finders, we thought superseded others by a mile so do give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

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