Published:  13th May 2020

SERPWoo's Keyword Finder Vs 8 Competitors

SERPWoo's Keyword Finder Compared Against 8 Popular Tools ( HINT, we're 2nd to none still )

Hey WooNation,

Jason here.

Have you experienced our Keyword Finder tool yet?

I mean, really dived deep into it?

Years ago I had a lot of problems getting keyword information from various tools on the internet, including Google itself.

Keywords that I knew were related to terms I was searching weren't showing up in various tools, and I wanted to find one that would show the terms I was interested in and save me time doing SEO research.

But no tool could provide me the data I was looking for.

See, I was doing a lot of optimizations for the higher education niche and I knew certain terms were related to each other. Like Kinesiology being related to Exercise Science.

However, no SEO keyword tool would bring back Kinesiology terms when I researched Exercise Science keywords.

Not even Google would.

That very day, SERPWoo's Keyword Finder tool got built to handle such deep research.

But why is this important?

Well, wouldn't you like to get all the information you needed in one search?

All the related keywords, LSI, and terms similar to what you are looking for?

You know, to make your content topical and well rounded with terms people normally use in searching for content ranked on Google?

Our "Exercise Science Degree" keyword returned 1,443 keywords highly related to our original term.

Our Keyword Finder was able to pull terms such as:

  • kinesiologist degree
  • kinesiology bachelors degree
  • kinesiology degree online
  • and many more kinesiology terms.

Finally, a tool that can bring back more than just alternate and appended spellings of just my original term. Something that actually brings back keywords that are related and similar to my original input.

But wait, don't other tools do this now?

Not really. Let me show you what I mean.

Let's look at a few other competitors and where they fall short.

  1. This competitor only returned 194 total terms, none of which contained our 3 sample Kinesiology terms above.

Even if we signed up for their PRO plan we might get 2x more of the 194 returned, still leaving us with less than 400 terms. That's 1,043 less terms than SERPWoo.

Those results leave us missing out on a lot of data we may need when we research niches, ranking terms, and content.


  • Terms Returned ( Compared to SERPWoo ): -1
  • Sample Related Terms Returned: -1
  1. Another competitor ( below ) returned back 610 total keywords.

Of note, it seemed like it was still running when I finally had to cut it off. It was stuck at 610 keywords for 10 minutes so I finally stopped it manually.

It also did not contain our sample Kinesiology terms after 10 minutes of waiting and not budging from 610 terms.. which is still 833 less keywords than SERPWoo.

I ran it several more times just in case it errored out on my first try, but it never did more than 610 keywords on following runs later.

Their sister service only returned 393 terms...

That leaves a lot to be desired in terms of complete keyword research we may need when we research niches, ranking terms, and content.


  • Terms Returned ( Compared to SERPWoo ): -1
  • Sample Related Terms Returned: -1
  1. Searching more tools, we come across a well regarded face to SEO. I remember when this guy had hair.

While the tool was fast, it only returned 676 results. Meaning we are missing a lot of possible data if we used this for our keyword research.

We also never found our sample Kinesiology terms which would be important if we returned related data.


  • Terms Returned ( Compared to SERPWoo ): -1
  • Sample Related Terms Returned: -1
  1. The below tool returned 158 terms on a shallow search and 0 on a deep search. Maybe the tool was broken when I tried, but even the shallow search returned ZERO Kinesiology terms.

I had to stop it after 9 minutes. It just kept spinning the cog and I felt close to 10 minutes was enough time to run.

I did try a few more times and was able to get it to complete at 167 terms, but again none of them were Kinesiology terms

Even at 167 terms, that's a lot less than SERPWoo's 1,443 total terms.

I will admit I ran it as a shallow search. Maybe shallow means less results. I just could never get the deep search to work.

By default, I have to assume it's broken or returns less than SERPWoo based on the shallow results.


  • Terms Returned ( Compared to SERPWoo ): -1
  • Sample Related Terms Returned: -1
  1. The below competitor only returned 56 results.

I will say the displayed results were limited, but they were limited to only showing 10 results without logging in and having an account.

So I firmly believe that they only had 56 results and the chances of those containing Kinesiology terms ( see ours above ) would be super low. It wouldn't let me see results 11 to 56.

Again, I didn't create an account to remove the limits. However at 56 compared to SERPWoo's 1,443, it is rather low and missing out on a lot of data.


  • Terms Returned ( Compared to SERPWoo ): -1
  • Sample Related Terms Returned: -1
  1. This competitor limited to only showing me 25 total terms on a free run.

So I couldn't tell how many total terms it would have returned.

However, I did try their filter option and tried "Kinesiology" as a filter and it returned back that they had 0 results for that term.

If I pretend they would have had more than 1,443 terms, they didn't report back they have Kinesiology terms. In this test, I have to mark down it's a failure compared to SERPWoo.


  • Terms Returned ( Compared to SERPWoo ): -1
  • Sample Related Terms Returned: -1

Wow, a breath of fresh air finally!

  1. This competitor returned back 1,000 results.

While a nice round number like that seems odd, more than likely they cut off the results they gave me. I was signed in, so I would assume if they had more than 1,000 they would have showed it to me.

Still, that's a lot closer to SERPWoo's 1,443 results even though it is 443 less terms.

And when I did a filter for "Kinesiology", I got 120 terms back in that returned result. HOWEVER, none of those "Kinesiology" results matched our sample terms from the beginning of this article.

Close on the number of results returned, but not showing the Kinesiology terms we should have gotten back.


  • Terms Returned ( Compared to SERPWoo ): -1
  • Sample Related Terms Returned: -1
  1. About the only competitor that really came close was this one:

They returned 2,751 keywords which is 1,300+ more than SERPWoo returned.

Damn. We need to up our game.. MAYBE.

A lot of the results I had to question. I mean, is this really something I can use?

Not trying to complain, but these are kind of horrible to be used as keywords in anyone's research. And these were some of the first 50 results this tool returned.

So while they did return more keywords than SERPWoo, the results contain data that seems unusable.

They did have Kinesiology terms, BUT NONE of them contained our sample Kinesiology terms from above.

This competitor calls their keyword tool "industry-leading", but how can that be if they have terms with garbage characters and are missing important related terms?

While I do not have concrete data, I have to assume this is data from a clickstream provider. Possibly JumpShot who was selling user data from Avast Antivirus before closing down. Read here for more info on JumpShot.


  • Terms Returned ( Compared to SERPWoo ): 0.5 due to quality
  • Sample Related Terms Returned: -1

Looks like SERPWoo is coming in 2nd to none when it comes to keyword research.

I'm not sure why so many online "guru" reviews skip over SERPWoo and our tools year after year. It's almost like us perfecting keyword research years ago means nothing to many of them.

None of the larger well funded SaaS competitors can come close to our results, and many of the scrappy young start-ups don't seem to offer a UVP against us when it comes to one of the basics of SEO.. keyword research.

And while many of these tools offer fancy and exclusive metrics with their results, you gotta ask yourself what are you missing if they can't even get the right keywords back to you?

Shouldn't that be the first thing they get right?

Do they even SEO in the first place?

Having all the data upfront should be the highest priority. What good is knowing CPC and competition metrics, if you don't know all the keywords you could be ranking and researching?

You don't always know what these tools aren't showing you to do a 2nd or 3rd run for more terms.

Especially when a lot of these tools want to charge you $69, $99, $179, and even $249 a month for less results and incomplete data from their suite of tools.

SERPWoo can give more accurate results starting at just $49 a month.

As always, reach out to us with comments, concerns, and suggestions below.

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