Published:  24th Jul 2019

SERPWoo SEO API + Google Sheets = Winning!

Use SERPWoo SEO API for Google Sheets Rank Tracking Checking

Updated! - July 24th, 2019: We recently added GO, Java, and R sample codes for the Keyword Volatility function to our github library.


In an effort to keep you on the cutting edge of controlling more of your SERP data we've continued to expand our programming language and platform sample code libraries. Today we want to announce that we've added Google Sheets scripts to our GitHub library. If you love using Google Sheets for controlling your data now you can use the SERPWoo API and pull in live data from SERPWoo from any of your projects - including Keyword SERP Data!

Here is a direct link to the Google Sheet script sample code: Google Sheets SERPWoo API

Google Sheets For SEO

You may notice that we've got the Keyword Volatility script already available 😉

Christopher Hofman Laursen recently did a excellent guest post showcasing how you can accurately measure your competition within google and determine what keywords you should be putting efforts towards and what keywords might be too difficult using SERPWoo's Keyword Volatility metric (Christopher even provided NodeJS sample code).

Getting rankings in Google is about getting quick wins, SEO is already a waiting game, but if you concentrate on terms that can get rankings faster you'll be able to generate traffic and revenue faster than your competitors and make investments towards long-term SEO attacks.

The new API call to the Keyword Volatility metrics is now available for the following sample code languages:

We're working on the rest, so keep a watch out! And remember...

Google Data Studio - SEO Rank Tracking

The SERPWoo API's documentation: SERPWoo API Docs

Something to note, you can connect Google Sheets data into Google Data Studio, a customer gave us this tidbit piece of information. We recommend using the JSON/CSV/XML Connector by Supermetrics for pulling the SERPWoo API since it's a direct connect, but it's also great to know it's possible to get that data through Google Sheets.

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