Published:  2nd Jul 2021

People Also Ask Questions

🍿 People Also Ask Questions

Several new features have been launched to help you navigate the rich data Google has surfaced within the SERPs. A lot of data is still being processed so just let us know if you see something a bit odd.

First up: People Also Ask Rich Data

People Also Ask

People Also Ask are questions that searchers ask within your industry.

What we wanted to do was visually show what's going on within your searches with Rich Data. People Also Ask questions tend to populate a lot of the newer results. The advantage you have with SERPWoo is the unique way we group projects by settings.

That advantage now allows you to see aggregated data under the new "Rich Data" tab inside a project. You can now see the most common questions asked within the People Also Ask rich data for your SERPs, for example:

Most Popular People Also Ask Questions

And you can export it all!

To get a breakdown for each question you can visit the new "My Keywords" Tab and click on the People Also Ask button for your particular keyword, example:

People Also Ask Questions By Keywords

Rich Data

There are several other new features and rich data available within your projects now which can help you visualize what's going on for each one of your campaigns:

Is AMP A Waste Of Time?

Using this new data we can finally answer important questions like: "Is AMP a waste of time???" (I'll be upfront I'm not a big fan so you already know where this is going).

SERPWoo now has a completely new backend with the ability to shell out more data visually faster than before. We'll be talking about each rich data like AMP and the best opportunities in the days to come!

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- CCarter

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