Published:  31st Jul 2019

Easily Schedule An SEO PDF Report To Clients

Schedule An SEO Report

Scheduling A PDF Report is now easier with SERPWoo's new Report Builder

SERPWoo PDF Report

Setting A Schedule

After you have created a new report, customized it with your client's brand colors, and inputted the person(s) you want the emailed PDF to go to - head over to the "Schedule" Tab to set up the days your PDF report will go out.

First select the "Start Date" - this is the day the report is scheduled to start. This is important since the frequency of the reports will start with the start date.

As an example if you want reports going out weekly on Mondays then schedule the report to start on the Monday coming up and set the "Frequency" to "Weekly".

SERPWoo PDF Report

When SERPWoo has processed 100% of your ranking data on that Monday it will then send out your PDF Report to your client.

There is no specific time guarantee since SERPWoo re-confirms SERP crawls when we find new updated rankings, meaning:

First SERPWoo crawls the Google results of a keyword in the morning, then a little later that day, and if we found significant organic changes between the original two results, the system may decide to re-crawl that keyword multiple more times that day to find the most consistent result.

Once we are confident the result is one where 90% of users querying that keyword see those results we will mark the keyword as "done" for the day. Only when all your keywords in a project are "done" will the PDF report go out.

Going back to the above Monday example, if you need your report to be in your client's inbox Monday morning, I suggest scheduling the report to start off on Sunday instead. That way Monday morning the report will be there in their email inbox with data up-to Sunday night completely processed for that project.

I also suggest adding your own email to the list of email recipients so you know exactly when a report went out and also have the most up to date report that your client is looking at, since they may want to discuss the latest updates.


You can schedule reports to go out One-Time (only once), Daily, Weekly, Every 2 weeks, or every 4 weeks.

Specific Day of The Month

If you would like your report to go out every "15th" of each month use the "Custom" option within the Schedule Tab then select "Every 15th". The system will then wait till the next 15th of the month to send out the PDF report.

SERPWoo PDF Report

The end result is a beautiful PDF Report that gives you the professional look.

SERPWoo PDF Report

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