Zora - Powerful Results Driven On-Page Analysis

Optimize Your Page Based on Top 100 SERP Data

ZORA finds correlating factors within your keyword's search results data.

How Does Zora Work?

Zora works with a ton of math really, but we make it simple:

ZORA visits each page in the top 100 search engine results for your selected keyword.

ZORA then finds HTML elements/entities and keyword phrases (Factors) which your page is currently missing when compared against the top results.

ZORA then digs into SERPWoo's SERP data collected for the keyword and finds additional suggestions and hints based on the historical data - the more historical data you have for the keyword the better.

ZORA then gives a checklist of suggestions on the important factors you need to implement onto your web page.

ZORA then ALERTS you when improvements have been spotted after implementation!

ZORA Interface

On Page SEO Analysis Tool

Simple Navigation

ZORA Analyses

How Fast Can You Expect Results?

We ran a ZORA Analysis on our affiliate program page. We only did 50% of the recommendations. Within 24 hours we got these results:

Zora Analysis Results

ZORA allows you to implement quick on-page SEO wins which have results in immediate ranking improvements.

ZORA users have been able to implement changes within 2 mins and start seeing results within 24 hours.

Beta Tester Result #1

This chap is in the legal/attorney sector. He used ZORA suggestions on a single page to "check it out" he came back several days later to this nice surprise. He's all in on Zora now!

Customer Zora Result #1

Beta Tester Result #2

This chap stopped ranking nearly 2 months before the implementation. Zora gave him several suggestions he then implemented. Then Voila! Not only is he back, but he also took the #1 spot!

Customer Zora Result #1

Beta Tester Result #3

This chap made improvements from ZORA suggestions and literally saw results in under 24 hours! 👀 👀 👀

Customer Zora Result #1

How Do You Get Started With ZORA?

Login and create a project with the Project Wizard. Afterwards visit ZORA Wizard to generate your first analysis.

What Limits Are There On ZORA?

None. Free users can use it as well - for now. We may change this in the future if resources get out of control.