Published:  12th Feb 2021

What Is A Tagged URL?

What's A Tagged URL and Why Tag?

One of the most powerful tools of SERPWoo is the ability to tag URLs for your own needs.

One of our newest customers recently asked "Why tag?"

For Visualizing The SERPs!

When a new customer comes onboard the first thing I suggest is to create custom tags for their own needs (Direct Link: Tag Management).

For example if I'm selling SEO services as an agency I can create a "Prospect" tag and related according to the level of interest or how badly the business needs better SEO results.

Another example is if I'm looking at a competitors within my niche I'll create "Competitor" tags. I'll want to create tags according to how powerful they are and then monitor how they navigate throughout the SERPs within my projects. I can figure out how powerful a competitor is dominating within the keywords of my project easily by filtering for that domain or tag.

If I'm doing ORM (online reputation management) for clients I would create "Bad News" tag.

Let's use the ORM narrative for this story.

The reason for tagging is you can visually see the SERPs - what's good, what's bad, and what's neutral. Example:

Permit Patty SERP View

The above are the visuals for "Permit Patty", a woman who's got a bit of an reputation problem.

Online Reputation Management Road

The details don't matter, but anyone Googling her will see these search results, the negative stories, the problematic context, and is less likely to do business with her, date her, employ her, and so on.

From a "living on earth" scenario, having a ton of negative press about you as a normal individual makes life extremely hard.

In the above case she needs an ORM specialist to clean up the SERPs by moving positive press up through the results for her name, and moving bad results down. ORM is 10x harder than regular SEO, since you are attempting to control the first 3 pages of results. It also means ORM specialist charge 10x more to clients versus regular SEO clients.

Who needs ORM?

Besides Permit Patty, politicians (before they get into trouble and definitely AFTER they get into trouble), celebrities, public figures, corporate executives, and basically any average joe that has to interact with and do business with others.

It's not uncommon for ORM specialist to be hired but corporations to make sure their whole executive team and board of directors' search results are clean and polished. If you are an agency you can create "Corporate ORM Packages" for executive teams and simply go around looking up fortune 100, 500, 1000 companies that are interested in making sure every executive, board of directors, management, or important individuals have their SERPs clean as a whistle.

This is crucial for companies since when you are doing million or billion dollar deals the last thing you want is to have a deal fall apart cause someone Googled an executive and something less than reputable came up.


SERPWoo makes reporting on each client's ORM status easy withe ORM Dashboards (Direct Link: Dashboards).

You can send each client an easy link that visually shows their negative versus positive results:

Negative Vs Positive Dashboard

And then they can expand each keyword of their project and explore the results and see what's with all the red AND see what happens overtime as the green starts taking over and you use your ninja ORM skills to push down the negative results and prop up the positive:

Permit Patty Dashboard Visual


What about scheduled PDF reports for ORM?


We'll be making an announcement next week!

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